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Amazing Bolognese

Happy National Pasta Month! Have you noticed recently there seems to be a different food themed day for each day of the year? Believe me, I'm not complaining. To me, that means every day is another type of food to enjoy!

Pasta is one of those foods that I can't get enough of. I love a bowl of pasta with a good sauce and some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Renata McAdams has a recipe for Red Meat Sauce for Pasta that is incredible. Renata has taken her native Italian mother's "pasta sauce over the years and [has] added [her] own touch." If you're looking for a traditional sauce, make sure to check Renata's recipe out. And, prepare this the day before serving ... it's even better the second day.

What could be better than Amanda Hyatt's Amazing Bolognese recipe. Amanda says this is "rich and hearty, it's everything a good Bolognese should be and more." You can really use any type of pasta with this sauce. And, Amanda is right. This is super scrumptious!

But not all pasta dishes have to have a traditional red sauce. There are so many variations of wonderful recipes featuring pasta.

"This is one of my favorite dishes that my husband and I make together for a date night." says Sara A. of her Seafood Pasta in Lemon Butter Sauce. I'm thinking of making this for a date night with my hubby pretty soon. This sauce is just so darn delicious! Serve this with a crispy salad, some warm bread and prepare to smile.

I just couldn't get a smile off of my face after I tried Robin Dextradeur's Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad. We all know I like things with a little kick, and the great Buffalo chicken flavor permeates this terrific salad. (I actually plan to add MORE dressing to mine the next time I make it!) Robin suggests "topping [this] with some crumbled blue cheese." May have to try that too next time!

Pasta for dessert? Now I've seen everything after trying Rick Browne's Fabulous Fruit Lasagna recipe. "Imagine a lasagna made with chocolate noodles, fresh berries, marscapone, sour cream and brown sugar" says Rick. I was unable to locate the chocolate noodles in my local grocery store, so I substituted regular noodles and it was still delicious in their own right.

There are so many different types of pasta bucatini, fusilli, capellini, spaghetti ... the list goes on and on! Find one that works best for your dish. Whether you are incorporating pasta into a special night or whipping up a red sauce for an easy family meal, "buon appetito!"

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Roberta Breuer - Oct 22, 2013
thanks - I just read the recipe as I prefer recipes as originally created, not modified by people for different tastes. I'll give the recipe a try!
Toni Cox - Oct 19, 2013
if you read the testers notes they mentioned that they used 2 tsp of each dry spice or about 1/2 of fresh, maybe that will help?
Roberta Breuer - Oct 15, 2013
Any idea how much oregano, fresh basil, fresh, italian parsley, olive oil, extra virgin, salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, sweet mild & old bay seasoning are to be added? There are too many ingredients listed with no measurements for me to get the proper ratio - please help as I'm unhappy with my latest red meat pasta sauce !!! :-) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
I love pasta, too. One of my favorite restaurants is an Italian place called Zio's Italian Kitchen (it's a chain, with stores in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri). Fabulous food and we always take leftovers home...that said, the recipes you list sound great and I hope I get a chance to try them soon!