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The Flavors of Fall

Pumpkin Muffins with Marshmallow Cream

Fall has officially arrived. Is it me, or does the air just smell a little different this time of year? So crisp and clean, it makes me want to take a deep breath and soak in everything that fall has to offer. And one of the things I love are the wonderful flavors that seem to infuse recipes this time of year. From pumpkin to cinnamon, apple to caramel my taste buds go into overload.

With all the great flavors, Didi Dalaba's Pumpkin Muffins filled with Spiced Marshmallow Cream are simply irresistible. "This is such an easy recipe because you start off with spice cake mix. You can mix and match whatever flavors you want to add in. We love carrot cake, so raisins, nuts and coconut are a must!" explains Didi. My, oh my! And I haven't even mentioned the marshmallow cream?! I loved mixing canned pumpkin to the cream. What a wonderful addition to these muffins.

Speaking of additions, the caramel icing that tops Amanda Lesko's Caramel Pumpkin Cookies is pure love! "These are, by far, the best cookies I've ever made! They're soft, moist, sweet and unbelievably addicting." says Amanda. As Amanda mentions, this recipe does make a lot of cookies. But, I'm OK with that. I had a hard time putting these delectable bites down.

You know what else I can't get enough of? Genny Miller's Arroz Doce - Cinnamon Rice Pudding. Her Portugese grandmother would always make this "as a special treat for [her] and [her] two brothers. It was always so sweet and creamy ...and out of this world." Genny tells us. I would say it's cinnamon perfection! This rice pudding is so very creamy and flavorful ... the ideal warm-ya-up treat.

Yvonne Corbett's Old Virginia Wassail Cider will also take the chill out of your bones on one of those wonderful, crisp fall evenings. "The smell of it simmering on the stove is like a little slice of heaven." says Yvonne. I would have to agree with her. This is a wonderfully different take on your everyday cider. The addition of orange and pineapple juices makes for a slightly sweet, slightly tangy flavor.

Sweet potatoes are so flavorful and plentiful at this time of year. Bake them and top them with a little bit of cinnamon - yum! But, Jewel Hall takes her sweet potatoes in a whole new direction with her Sweet Potato Cobbler recipe. "My mother and her friend made this when I was young." remembers Jewel. "It's so yummy and it's a perfect dessert for autumn when fresh sweet potatoes are plentiful in Alabama." Some people may think this is a side dish (and it could work there too). To me, this is just a classic fall dessert.

Laura Geese's Apple Crisp is another classic recipe to welcome autumn into your kitchen. Laura loves "how the aroma of fall filled [her] home while it was baking. The only thing wrong with this recipe ... it doesn't last long." I couldn't agree more! When the Kitchen Crew tried this one, I made sure to keep a secret stash of it just for myself. This dessert puts me in the perfect fall frame of mind.

I hope these treats get you as excited about fall's arrival as I am. So go grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, maybe get the fireplace going and enjoy one of these tasty recipes.

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Sandra Allen - Sep 29, 2013
Janet: I couldn't find this answer in the FAQ's so here goes. I have so many recipes I can't afford to make just for a photo. Are some of our recipes well received without them? Thanks to the crew for any response. Sandi Allen
Diana VanHess - Sep 25, 2013
Love your comments about recipe planning and fall cooking, there is nothing like it...I'm was waiting for autumn to be here and now it is, but I came down with a cold last Thursday that still has me down. the quilt guild I recently joined here in Ocean Shores, WA wants muffins. So i will be baking the Blueberry/Lemon recipe from Justapinch that takes 6 bowls and will blow them away. Going to look for a pumpkin/yam muffin also. Happy Autumn cooking to you also...Diana V.H. (dvh)
Marian Arbour - Sep 25, 2013
I would like to make a cook book or two and need some pictures of soups, entrees, baking..is there an e-mailwith this kind of information...I would like to hear from you...Marian
Maria * - Sep 24, 2013
Thanks for your reply.
Maria S.
Kitchen Crew - Sep 24, 2013
Hi Maria! It's best to reach out to the help desk with your questions and they will get back to you - help@justapinch.com
Maria * - Sep 24, 2013
Hi Janet! Hope I'm doing this the correct way and you see my question. I'll be away for the next couple of weeks and wouldn't want all the notifications I get to pile up in my inbox. If I unjoin the welcome wagon, the groups I've joined and my favorite cooks, will that mean I'm unjoining Just A Pinch? Cause I don't want to unjoin! Looking forward to your prompt reply so I'll know what to do. Thanks for all you do for this great site/group.
Maria S.