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Flat Recipes Don't Fall Short on Inspiration

Bonnie Roberts' Breakfast Pizza

What's more all-American than apple pie? Pizza! Well, ok, maybe that's debatable, but there are some mighty crafty folks out there making delicious, thrifty dishes that are big on flavor... and short on stature. Flat foods can be a fun way to make use of an array of ingredients that are otherwise just taking up room in the pantry. Thrifty? Fun? Creative? That's pretty darn American to me.

Kickstart your morning by feasting on Bonnie Roberts' flat Breakfast Pizza. This recipe is the perfect blank slate for all the meats and veggies taking up space in your fridge. There are countless ways to make this dish your own and I, for one, don't think I've ever used the exact same ingredients twice! Somehow, it just never comes out wrong.

Christine Piazzoni of Buchanan, MI takes her bread to new, pleasantly flat places with a scrumptious Bruschetta recipe. A favorite pre-dinner snack, Christine's bruschetta is blanketed in a nutty dusting of Parmesan cheese. This one is a real test of self-restraint... it's nearly impossible not to eat it all yourself!

Also coming up flat (and fabulous) is the crepe. "Ooh la la, that's too fancy for me," you say? No way! Oil City, PA native Marina Gordon rolls her crepes into a hearty, enchilada-style casserole she calls Chicken-Cheese Crepes that is right at home on any table and can be stuffed with most any savory filling. Impress your friends without breaking a sweat, that's what I say.

For dessert, try Jane Louise's Sweet Pizza. This is one of my favorites to make with the kiddos. The toppings are limitless, and the more outrageous the presentation the better. Start with a sugar cookie base and the sky is the limit from there.

Whether making your own pizza dough like Gary Hancq or whipping up a unique take on traditional tortillas like Jo Zimny, flat foods are a fantastic vehicle for your kitchen creativity. Simple, penny-wise, and with endless possibilities.... What's more all-American than that?

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Rose O'Connell - Jun 6, 2010
I have posted the Vegetable Pizza Recipe and will post the fruit pizza in the next few days. Hope you enjoy.
melissa kilby - Jun 6, 2010
i love veggie pizza
Amy Scotti - Jun 6, 2010
Why not try grilled pizza? I submitted a grilled fig pizza recipe-it was a real hit as an appetizer with everyone!!!
Jan Carberry - Jun 4, 2010
Love to have the information on the fruit pizza and what is used,etc. Thank you
Rose O'Connell - Jun 2, 2010
A number of years ago I can remember a veggie pizza and also a fruit pizza that were always a hit at any function that I took them to. I will try to locate the recipes.