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Pie for Dinner: The Art of the Quiche

Crustless Zucchini Quiche

Have you ever stared into your fridge wondering what to make for dinner? Do you sometimes find yourself distracted and in a bit of a rush? Are your kids, shall we say, "picky"? Not us.

Ok, I hope you're laughing, because that"s a big joke. I think it's fair to say that we ALL feel like that from time to time. Even surrounded by fabulous recipes every day, yours truly occasionally finds herself standing in front of that open refrigerator, cool breeze in her hair, just plain lacking inspiration.

And then I discovered the art of the quiche.

Combining the best of breakfast and pie, it's hard to imagine even the most discerning of diners turning up their noses at a homemade quiche. (I mean, who wouldn't want pie for dinner?!) As versatile as they are simple, a well-made quiche is an ideal vessel for showing off your favorite fresh veg. For home cook Katrina Freed,it's spinach that takes the starring role.

"[It's] the best spinach quiche I have ever had," she smiles, discussing her recent Blue Ribbon recipe. "[It] is incredibly good even warmed in the microwave as leftovers."

Leftovers? Not in our house. This recipe is both hearty and easy on the eyes, so whether you're scrambling to get dinner together or planning for a special brunch, this is an absolutely lovely choice. For an added shortcut, just bypass the homemade crust! Katrina and I are both firm believers that store bought crusts are perfectly fine in a pinch. No one need be the wiser.

If you're looking for something a little lighter or have a gluten sensitivity, crustless quiches are also gaining in popularity. There are so many creative ways to retain the character of a traditional quiche without incorporating a crust at all. One of our top picks comes from Anita Hoffman of Holland, PA. In just three easy steps, you'll have her beautiful Crustless Zucchini Quiche on the table.

"Even zucchini haters love this," she laughs. "...very easy to make and delicious."

All the yum with not a bit of hassle? Yes, please. But do note that if you're on a gluten free diet you'll want to be sure to use non-gluten baking mix in this tasty recipe.

Closing out our cavalcade of quiche is a new favorite, popular with all ages in our house: Patty Bronson's Ham and Kale Quiche. This savory wonder incorporates quinoa, a tasty grain that is super good for you and very easy to use. It lends a nutty flavor to the dish, unique from any other quiche we've tried.

"Quinoa is such a versatile grain," explains Patty. "I use it as a filler in a lot of recipes. In this recipe I've used the red quinoa as it holds up a little better than the white. You could use broccoli, seafood, leftover turkey. Endless options!"

In fact, in true quiche form this recipe is a perfect showcase for your favorite ingredients. The added quinoa boosts nutrition, without adding anything too "scary" for your kids.

From gourmet to basic, a homemade quiche is our new go-to "trick" for making the most of every family meal opportunity. It's a rare occasion when our whole family is together around one table, so why not make it a little special? Chances are, the magic ingredients are already waiting for you in your fridge.

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Patricia Polmnateer - Sep 10, 2013
IF you click on the underlined recipe title it will take you to the recipe. Looks yummy
Deborah Hall - Sep 1, 2013
The recipe is in the letter. Just read down until you come to it in bold letters.1
Rose O'Connell - Aug 14, 2013
Click on the blue highlighted lettering to get to the recipes.
Pat Gilbreath - Aug 14, 2013
Yes we are looking for the recipe !
Sandra Jones - Aug 12, 2013
This is her recipe.

Elaine Gatt - Aug 11, 2013
In the inquiries about not seeing the quiche recipes - just click on the hyperlinks to these recipes. I did this and was directed right to them.
Celeste Stroblas - Aug 10, 2013
for the recipes click on the highlighted words in the article
Daune (pronounced "Dawn") Browne - Aug 9, 2013
I posted a new recipe and haven't seen it yet---did it get posted?? How will I know??
Rose Rauhauser - Aug 8, 2013
Love this recipe. Is JAP going to have a place for people to have suggestions to improve the website?? Thanks
Sandie Singer - Aug 8, 2013
Thanks Betty, will give that a try with the extra egg. Sandie
Betty Baker - Aug 8, 2013
Since I was given a colossal size zucc, from my Bro garden, I had enough to make 2 pie dished,,, I had close to 8 cups of zucc .....so I added i extra egg and added about a bag of pepperoni chopped, and they came out so moist....and I'm returning my Bro zucc back to him in form of a zucc quiche.....i extra egg wkd for me, since I had extra zucc
Sandie Singer - Aug 8, 2013
Rose Fleming...Hi, I tried your recipe and it was so delicious BUT it seemed a little on the dry side, what could I add to make it a little more moist??? Other than that, it was really delicious. Sandie
Carole Wlson - Aug 7, 2013
The recipes are there. Click on the link of one u want & it comes right up!!!!
B Thorson - Aug 7, 2013
Ahh that works just perfect. Right to the recipe with a little click Thank you
dora higgins - Aug 7, 2013
thank you !! will try this !! and for the ones that need to find these just click on the blue writing ( Quiche ) or names and it will bring you to them !!