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Christmas Bark Sparks Holiday Memories

Holiday Peppermint Bark

Mention Christmas Bark to a friend and it's quite likely their faces will turn to question marks. Give a friend a piece of Christmas Bark, on the other hand, and it's likely they'll have a story to share.

This simple, age-old candy is a Christmas-time staple in many houses across the country. And every family seems to have their own, special name for it. I can fondly recall cracking into my mother's peppermint bark and thinking there could simply be nothing better.

Over the years I've have come across many variations of this holiday classic. One recent find comes from Joan Crowe of Collierville, TN. She shared with us her recipe that includes cranberries and pistachios! Take a look at Joan's version.

The simplicity of the candy allows for endless variation. Whether it's peppermint, pistachio or something of your own invention, this is one candy worth trying. What variety are you?

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Amanda Jones - Dec 27, 2009
We actually made peppermint bark this year instead of buying it from William-Sonoma. I'm not a fan of chocolate or peppermint but I ate the peppermint bark that we made. It was amazing!! We used Ghirardelli Vanilla Bean White Chocolate (that's all we could find at the store) and that just added another layer of flavor!!! From now on we're making this ourselves. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :)
Cathy Owens - Dec 26, 2009
I make it using craisins! My husband loves it!
J. Hall - Dec 23, 2009
I just made a batch of Marbled Peppermint Bark. It has chocolate marbled through it and it's so festive, easy and pretty! After you pour the peppermint bark onto a cookie sheet, microwave 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips until smooth. Drizzle chocolate over bark. Gently zigzag a narrow metal spatula through the chocolate and peppermint layer to marble. Let candy stand several hours or until firm. Break bark into pieces and store in an air tight container on your counter.
April Jackson - Dec 22, 2009
And I couldn't quit eating it. I finally demanded my daughter to finish it off. Wonderful stuff...
M L - Dec 22, 2009
Has anyone ever tried pretzel bark? There's just something about bits of salty pretzel mixed in with dark chocolate. Love it!