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Cupcakes Add Sweetness to Memorable Easter Celebration

Cupcakes and Breakfast... In One!

This Easter why not spring into family gatherings with a smorgasbord of deliciously decadent cupcakes? So much goes in to making a memorable Easter feast - the yummy ham, creamy deviled eggs, all the savory sides - but at the end of the day it's always been the cheerful sweets that have caught my eye the most.

This year I'm really looking forward to providing a spread of those great Easter staples along with a plethora of colorful, tasty and utterly decadent cupcakes! It may sound daunting, but really cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for serving up comfort without a ton of muss and fuss. Not only are they cute as a button, but they also come with their own portion-perfect wrappers! (Gotta love a dessert that comes with accessories...) There is a flavor for every taste... and for every meal of the day!

Milwaukee'sJill Drury gets our fanciful sweet feast off to a great start with her intriguingly-named BMC2 Cupcakes. The abbreviated recipe name - short for "Bacon, Maple, Cream Cheese Frosted, Apple Cinnamon French Toast Cupcake" - is every bit the a.m. darling the name implies! "I am the girl who hides in the kitchen corner eating cake for breakfast," laughs Jill, whose cupcakes are as adorable as they are decadent. "Never a huge lover of traditional eggs & bacon for breakfast, I was inspired to create this cupcake one year for Easter brunch. All your favorite breakfast ingredients in cupcake form! Who could go wrong with bacon, eggs, maple syrup, cinnamon, and apples?"

As I've said before, I've been known to eat cake for breakfast myself. Somehow, though, Jill has managed to elevate it to an acceptable art form with these delicious morning treats. "My cupcake quickly became a huge hit within my family," explains Jill. "One bite and you're filled and ready to go. Soon, I was making them every Sunday! I have slowly turned my family into cake eaters for breakfast. I no longer stand in the corner alone!" Jill, on behalf of a.m. cake lovers everywhere, we salute you!

Another crafty cupcake concoction comes from Ms. Sheila Devor. Her Pancake Cupcakes have been described as "pure pleasure." If you ask us, that's a pretty unbeatable endorsement... especially for a recipe that starts with a familiar morning staple. "Who would have thought you could make a cupcake from pancake batter, right?" jokes Sheila. In fact, her recipe only gets better with the addition of her own aple buttercream icing! This is another of those occasions where bacon really DOES make it better. " The sweetness of the frosting and that touch of bacon gives this cupcake the perfect trifecta," exclaims Sheila. Frankly, we couldn't agree more.

At lunchtime we love showing off our cupcake swagger with Megan Conner's classy Boston Cream Cupcakes! Cream filled and covered in ganache, these mini sponge cakes are jam-packed with all the gooey goodness you'd want for a special Easter luncheon or sweets table. Made completely from scratch, you can practically taste the TLC that goes into the preparation. "These are a wonderful guilty pleasure," says Megan. And one well worth a little extra effort.

Anyone up for a cupcake night cap? Andrea Runnells has just the ticket with White Russian Cupcakes! "I had people asking me to invent cupcakes of their favorite cocktails," explains Andrea. "Here is my cupcake spin on the White Russian. Unlike my margarita cupcakes, all the alcohol gets baked out of these. So feel free to have one for breakfast!"

Cupcakes are a real legacy food that seem to magically capture the imagination - and attention - of kids of all ages. With each bite of these crafty new recipes, I'm still transported back to those creamy, comforting cakes from my grandmother. What a wonderful Easter gift that is! Classic recipes and creative cooks are a combination for the ages... and for a truly memorable family experience.

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Norma DeRemer - Apr 8, 2012
yummy!!!!!! Great artical as usual.
Colleen Sowa - Apr 4, 2012
Another great article with wonderful recipes! xo
misty mosley - Apr 3, 2012
These look yummy!!!!
NADINE REID - Apr 3, 2012
Love Cupcakes! I have Easter traditions(maybe too many already)that fill my Holiday table. The stollen and the cream eggs will just have to shift over to make way for a few of these!