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Big Bill Wentz Wins Big in Just A Pinch Chili Cook-Off

Big Bill at Home in the Kitchen

The Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew and I have been heating things up in the kitchen lately preparing and tasting oodles of delicious entries in our second annual Sporty Snack Showdown! This time around Chili was the name of the game and boy, do you all have some seriously good chili recipes!

After much stirring and simmering (and sampling!), we were absolutely won over by one seriously bold, wonderfully flavorful, heckuva showdown entry: Big Bill's Win or Lose Chili! It was a tough call, but at the end of the day the Just A Pinch judges were bowled over by this hearty, kicky, flavor-packed recipe. And as it turns out, the recipe's creator and contest winner, "Big" Bill Wentz of Virginia Beach, VA is just as bold and vivacious as his delicious chili!

"Over the holidays all 28 members of my family flew and drove in for our three-day eating fest," said Bill laughingly during a phone conversation to let him know of his big win. "They all drove that far so they could get fed by Big Bill. People love my cooking, and I love nothing more than feeding them."

Well, count us among your fans, Bill. Not only do we love a fella who knows his way around the kitchen, but we plain love it when such talented people so openly share their culinary talents with others. In Bill's case, he can be found every Sunday making his grocery list and doing the shopping for the week. He considers it a stress reliever. And while we have not gotten his wife or two boys to weigh in on this, Bill claims their family kitchen as his domain. He does all of the cooking each night.

"I've been cooking for my entire life. My grandmother started teaching me when I was just five-years-old... Whether I'm feeding two or 200, a group at church or my son's football team, I just love to feed people."

I have to say, it's an honor for us to have folks like Big Bill at our table. As winner of the Sporty Snack Showdown, Bill wins an extreme home theater prize pack, valued at $4,000. But even more than that, he's getting the attention that he and his cooking truly deserve. The intention of this Club from the beginning was to bring together people from all corners who have the same passion for good, solid food... and give them the recognition they deserve. It genuinely warms our hearts when we can elevate good cooks - and good folks - like Bill.

"I absolutely love the site," says Bill. "It makes me feel like a rock star when someone at work asks me for a recipe and I can pull up my recipe box and print off just what they need in a few clicks."

Well, save us a front row seat at the next holiday blowout, Bill. We'll be there with bells on!

Congratulations to Bill and all the wonderful cooks who entered this year's Showdown. Let's hear it for these pro-bowl Runners-Up:

Cinfully Good Chili
Cynthia Creamer-Pirtle of Lufkin, TX

White Chicken Chili
Shauna Evans of Provo, UT

My Triple Cook-Off Winning Chili
Kelly Williams of Forked River, NJ

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Bill Wentz - Jan 27, 2012
Thank You Maiko, Happy Friday to you !!!!!!
Maiko Yamane - Jan 27, 2012
Bill Wentz - Jan 27, 2012
Freda, Thank you soooo much for the kind comments I greatly appreciate them....especially from a lady with 4 blue ribbons in her trophy case. Sorry, no brother .
FREDA GABLE - Jan 26, 2012
Whooo-Hooo What a way to go Bill. What a great Man. Congrats on the Feature and Win!!!!

Say, You got a brother that knows his way around the Kitchen as well as you do??
I been searching for him all my Life.
Send him over Will ya??? . . .:)
Bill Wentz - Jan 26, 2012
Thank You Laura, I hope you Enjoy !!!!!
Laura Ward - Jan 26, 2012
Congratulations! Cant wait to try it!
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Thank You Karla !!!!! Thank You soooo much Jan !!! Happy Wednesday to the both of you!!
Jan Mullikin - Jan 25, 2012
Congratulations, Bill! Can't wait to try this recipe! Your enthusiasm will be a big boost to all those 'weekend grillers' and 'weekend chefs' to get busy and post some recipes! Keep 'em coming!
Karla Everett - Jan 25, 2012
Congratulations Bill , your chili looks awesome!! Congrats to all of the others as well. :D
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Nancy, we are gonna be "FlatScreenin'" it up at the Wentz Compound!!!
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Cynthia Thank you sooooo much for your Kind comments!!!! I LOVE just-a-Pinchas well, great site.
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Thank You Bea !!!!!
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Thank You Donna.....My FOODIE Friend !!!!
Bill Wentz - Jan 25, 2012
Thank You Laura (and your SIX Blue Ribbons) !!!!!
Nancy R - Jan 25, 2012
Way to go Big Bill! A new TV just in time for the big game!!!! Yea!!!