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Love Abounds with These Edible Valentine Treats

Fall in Love w/ Valentine Sugar Cookies

Every meal is an opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care about them. And this time of year, Valentine's Day gives us an added nudge to show our affection through our home cooking. Not only do we love all the chocolate recipes that abound this season, but each year we also love to browse through other sweet recipes to find fun new ways to give the gift of food.

A natural on our goodies list this year are Malinda Coletta's Citrus Flavored Valentines Sugar Cookies. These classic sugar cookies are sassed up with just a pinch of fruit flavor. "A sugar cookie surprise," is how Malinda describes these versatile treats. "Just a hint of lemon, orange or lime makes for a special treat for all the loves in your life!" The Kitchen Crew took the "love" theme even further by using festive shaped cookie cutters to create our sweet offerings. Letter shaped cutters, for example, add special flare to any gift of cookies. A note of love is always a welcome gift, but imagine getting an "I Love You" spelled out in buttery cookie dough. Yum!

Another sweet cookie recipe that exudes Valentine charm is Lindsey Cook's Nana's Jam-Jams. These fruit filled sandwich cookies come with a legacy as sweet as each bite. "My Nana made these cookies for all her grandchildren every time we went for a visit," explains Lindsey. "They remind me so much of my childhood and all the wonderful memories I have from my Nana and Papa's home. They are delicious, and as Nana would call them 'grandchildren's favorite.'" It's fond memories like this that will always live on. You can easily choose your filling flavor of choice - though we recommend using a red jam to stay in the Valentine's Day theme. Serve on a colorful platter or pile them into a shaped tin for a memorable gift.

Looking to send a spicier message to your loved one this V-Day? How about whipping up a batch of Ann McCue's Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly?! This jam is a surprisingly scrummy pop of flavor (and color!) for your appetizer spread. The jam jars are easily wrapped with ribbon, printed paper or even burlap. "I just got done making 117 jars of this jelly with berries from my berry patch," said Ann at the time she first shared her recipe with the Club. "It is a hot item around here; people ask me for it all the time. It's a great 'grab and go' for a last minute party appetizer... or a great gift." Serve it up with cream cheese and crackers, and you're sure to be tops in your sweetie's book.

And for those youngins in your life that deserve a little extra sugar on this special day, Sarah Fillbrandt is spreading smiles with her colorful Jellomellows. This recipe is perfect for young children who want to lend a hand in the kitchen. Simply spear a jumbo-size marshmallow with a toothpick, dab with water, then give 'em a roll in your favorite flavor of dry gelatin. The result is an adorable (and wonderfully simple) concoction that kids of all ages cannot resist! "Taking a bite out of one of these little flavor bombs puts me right back into childhood," says Jellomellow gal, Sarah. "I remember always making these with my Grandmother for the 4th of July... talk about family friendly and easy peasy! Kids LOVE these and are a great thing to have them help you make... just like I did with my Grandma!" Now that's an idea that this grandma can give two enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Kudos to these ladies - and all of you - for sharing your recipes and helping us find new ways to show our sweeties how much we care. Cook on!

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Monica Williams Staniec - Feb 10, 2012
This is great Janet!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm still dreaming up Valentines day ideas for my sweeties! (Hubby and two little chicks that is!)

FOR PENNY ABOVE...Keep on trying darlin! Go back to your recipe and be sure it's complete and then try again! Good luck! monixo
Linda Griffith - Feb 9, 2012
These are absolutely adorable and declicious looking. I just posted another one for valentines day that I am making for my husband. Chocolate Raspberry Torte. Check it out.
Aurora McBee - Feb 9, 2012
Seaneen, try royal icing. =)

Penny, try this link justapinch.com/...cookie-celebration
Penny Jordan - Feb 9, 2012
I can't get the website to let me enter a recipe for the cookie contest. I click on enter recipe and it tells me it didn't work. What's wrong?
Seaneen Hummel-Kardly - Feb 9, 2012
Hi.. the cookie recipe sounds good. Is there a good frosting that dries hard. I live in the Pacific North-west... I need a hard drying topping. THANKS for any help with this.. =-)
Ann McCue - Feb 8, 2012
Thanks Kitchen crew for mentioning my Raspberry Jalepeno Jelly!!! hope everyone likes it!!! It will spice and sweeten up your day!!!
Lindsey Cook - Feb 8, 2012
Thank you for mentioning Nana's Jam-Jam's here. She would have been thrilled! My mom and aunt will be so excited to read about them here. Can't wait to start my Valentine's day baking :)
Rose O'Connell - Feb 7, 2012
Loretta if you click on the blue letters above for Citrus Flavored Valentine Sugar Cookies it will take you to the recipe.
Loretta Arnold - Feb 7, 2012
I would like to get the recipe for the Sugar Valentines Cookies
Debbie Lowe - Feb 7, 2012
Yummy...can't wait to try these!!