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Are You Ready for Some Football.... Food?!

Polly Anna's Spinach Spectacular

If your house is anything like mine then there is a special energy brewing in the air this time of year. No, not just because we're trying to avoid frostbite, but because it's SUPERBOWL time!

Some of us are excited for the football itself, some are excited for the commercials, some can't wait for the half-time show... but everyone is excited about the food!

This year, the Kitchen Crew and I have been busy preparing and tasting all of the wonderful party foods that you members have posted. And let me tell you, there are some real home-runs.... er, I mean touchdowns!

Polly Anna from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for example, has a blue-ribbon Spinach Dip that I find myself day-dreaming about. Or how about Leslie Holt's Bacon Swirls?! These little bundles of bacon-y goodness come with a personal guarantee that they'll disappear faster than a SuperBowl punt return. (And for you non-football fans, that's FAST!) Brian Blackley also scored big points with his championship-worthy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms that turn a dainty finger-food into hearty football fare!

Oh, and remember to check out the featured recipes on the homepage this week as well. It's a SuperBowl party extravaganza!

These are just a few of the great party recipes that members have posted. What would you suggest I try on Super Sunday? I think I may have a little room left on my plate...

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Allen Hooper MD - Feb 8, 2010
Janet and crew,

I just wanted to chime in on the positive comments about the web site. I'm a physician and very excited to see the interest being generated at your site. A "healthy" section is a good idea but in normal reality good variety with a simple plan to limit the quantity IS a healthy diet. This site certainly has variety from all over the country. Great foods from individual homes is just fantastic! All the coupons and quick access to more is also fantastic! It's a great place to create healthy relationships and check out a lot of original and long term family "secret recipes". This is just an EXCELLENT WEB SITE. I hope this grows into the visions you all imagine. Good Luck.
Doctor Al
Marina Gordon - Feb 8, 2010
Hey Edie, I happen to know the answer to your question from experience, so I thought I would chime in! You can change your password to whatever you want by clicking that "my settings" link towards the top right corner of the screen. I'm always seeming to forget mine, so find myself there a lot. LOL. Marina
Gary Hancq - Feb 7, 2010
Janet, That answers it. I check my comments a dozen times before entering and to my dismay may still have a typo. I'll just have to check them two dozen times. Wish me luck on this one. Gary P.S. Am enjoying your Site.
Edie Lewis - Feb 6, 2010
Hi Janet,
I found your site the other day and was on for hours Looking over the
recipes . I was tired and forgot my password , It took a while for the password your site sent me to work. I had to get new password several times. I thought I would have to start over and that I lost all my saved recipes. I am back on and I was wondering :How do I get my own Password, I know I will not remember the one your site sent me. And I Love Your Site Thank You For Just A Pinch. I found this from Facebook.
I am going to become a member and I have told serveral people to check your site .
Thanks Again Edie
Roxie Don - Feb 6, 2010
Hello Janet, I'm new to the site, loving it by the way, and one thing I've seen is people asking for healthy recipes some want low carb recipes and low fat recipes. I was wondering if maybe in the recipe catagories you could put one for healthy recipes for people to post in. Thanks for making such a wonderful site.
Marina Gordon - Feb 5, 2010
I just love the way the bread bowl looks in Polly's picture of her Spinach Dip! I may just have to make a spot for that on my table for the game on Sunday... Thanks for the idea. Marina
Lucy Tartan - Feb 4, 2010
I just "adopted" a recipe for Cheese Krispies that is simply delicious! They are just like something a friend used to make when she threw parties... but she would never give out the recipe! haha. They would be a great addition to your Superbowl party. (Really enjoying this Club, btw!)
Kitchen Crew - Feb 4, 2010
Hi Gary,
You can edit the title or description of a discussion group you've started by clicking that EDIT button, making your changes and then hitting DONE. The changes should appear as soon as the page refreshes. Comments, however, are not editable. I hope that helps! If you run into any trouble or have other questions, just drop us a line: help@justapinch.com

-Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew
Gary Hancq - Feb 3, 2010
Janet, Am enjoying the site. One question -- I find my attempt to edit my comments in the "Town Square" don't take. Is it me or is it a glitch. I press to edit, then I edit but the edits do not take. Gary