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Belle South's Roast Sticky Chicken

Let's see... what's for dinner? It needs to be inexpensive, something I already have on hand, fun to cook and delicious. I know, how about chicken?!

That's right! Gone are the days of boring, dry chicken. I'm leading the charge to restore this good ol' bird's reputation. Remember grandma's succulent fried chicken that disappeared from the platter just as fast as little hands could grab? Or how about those dreamy, creamy casseroles of our childhood, covered with a toasted, buttery bread crumbs? Well fear not, chicken connoisseurs! Those great recipes are alive and well, and you can have them whipped up and on YOUR table in no time.

Now, if we're talking chicken basics, then you can bet your biscuits that good seasoning is key. Miss Belle South of Spring City, TN has pinched her spices to create a wonderful no-fail spice rub that she uses to prepare her favorite deli-style rotisserie chicken.

"I make up this seasoning mix in bulk and store in a mason jar," explains Belle. "It is also good on oven baked potatoes wedges and seasoning pork roast or chops."

Don't have a rotisserie at home to cook your chicken? Don't let that stop you. This chicken is just as Blue Ribbon worthy when baked in an oven or grilled!

Fellow Tennessee gal, Leah Stacey had her eye on a different kind of prize when she began making her delectable fried chicken recipe.

"This chicken promises to "catch a man", laughs Leah. "If he doesn't take the bait then he isn't worth having!"

Well, her Man Catching Fried Chicken had US at hello. Simple ingredients + solid technique = a match made in heaven. Buttermilk, seasoned flour, eggs and baking powder make for a powerhouse combo and some very memorable chicken, indeed. This is a wonderful cooking method to have in your apron pocket, and can be used to coat and fry other goodies as well. Just be prepared to make plenty.

Wendy Gardner of Buena Park, CA has found her own unique way of capturing mouthwatering fried chicken flavor without the hassle of actually frying the chicken. She starts by dipping the chicken in a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and mustard, then she coats it in crispy, crunchy French fried onions! Pop it in the oven and you have a knock-out "fried" chicken dish in no time flat.

"This is my husband's favorite chicken dish and it's so easy to fix! I usually serve it with a salad and chicken stuffing or mashed potatoes."

This dish has fast become a favorite with Wendy's family and now with mine as well!.

Now, if you're looking for a little bit lighter lunchtime fare, look no further than Stacey Vadas' take on classic chicken salad. No boring lunchbox sandwiches here! In fact, Stacey livens up her Fabulous Chicken Salad with a few shots of coleslaw dressing, Granny Smith apple and her secret weapon: curry powder! The unlikely pairing of flavors combines into a sweet and kicky chicken salad that will be the talk of your table. And since there's one entire half of an apple included in the dish, we declare it health food! (But, um, don't quote me on that...)

All your chicken creativity has my wheels turning. The flavor combinations are endless, and chicken has never seemed like a better menu choice. This wonderful "foundation food" can be seasoned, cooked and served in countless ways and to almost anyone's taste. Boring be gone - I've got cooking to do!

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Beatrice Abfalter - Oct 31, 2010
I find I do that too, make samo samo , so I love reading in here, I know it will encourage me to break out of the old and into the new.
'Ria Murphy - Oct 11, 2010
Bea - in the "search recipe" window at the top right of the page, you could just type in "pie" or "cake" and hit enter, then browse and save anything you think you might like to try later and its in your recipe box forever after that. :)
Bea L. - Oct 10, 2010
I'm new to this site and am totally hooked. Is there anywhere that I can click on "just pies" or "just cakes", etc? The reason I ask is b/c my husband likes pies and I'm always looking a new recipe. I also love making cakes for church gatherings and to send to families when a loved one dies so I'm always looking something new. I seem to always bake the same ole, same ole.
annie Melton - Oct 10, 2010
I found this recipe in a magazine at a doctor's office.You simply added dry taco seasoning into your four.It sounded so good I had to try it.It was wonderful.You can play with the recipe if you wand to by adding different seasonings.
Tweetie Bell - Oct 10, 2010
I could eat chicken everyday !!!!! Love trying different recipes !
Marcia Lee Johansen - Oct 7, 2010
All the chick recipes are great. Cannot wait to try them out.
Beatrice Abfalter - Oct 7, 2010
love, love chicken! Can't wait to try some of these in here!
'Ria Murphy - Oct 6, 2010
Poor tired man chicken

can be prepared overnight and warmed up the next day, and our family cant ever get enough! Our last batch was 8 pounds of meat!
sheila holcomb - Oct 6, 2010
I am new here, just wanted to say , hello, and i love all the wonderful recipes,and the format of the site, this is such fun, Sheila,
joeyjoan K - Oct 5, 2010
Last night I used left over roasted chicken to make a mexican pizza. bell pepper,green onion,and the chicken stock from the chicken, some seasoning, suated in a pan.Then I put a tortelli shell in a pie pan and layerd refreid beans, chicken mixture,and cheese topped all of that with another tortellia shell a layer of chopped green onion and bell pepper on top of that and I finished with another layer of cheese. Baked it 10 to 15 mins at 475 and presto I had a 5 star meal.....
By the way Janet it sounds like you enjoy a good juicey fried chicken.You should try my granma's unbreaded fried chicken. Every one who try's it loves it.It's the kind you don't need a napkin for because you lick your fingers clean...