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Keep on the Shiny Side... and Other Kitchen Hints!

Aluminim Foil: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Have you checked out the great groups that are popping up in the Town Square? I'm absolutely blown away by the smarts you members have!

One fun group called "Kitchen Hints" (started by member Pauline Greenwood) is helping spread the word about handy shortcuts in the kitchen... You know, those "old wives tales" that you've always wondered about but doubted they really work? Well, take a page from these members' experiments and listen up! Here are a few of my favorites that I've picked up from you along the way:

-When baking with foil make sure the shiny side is facing in, towards the food. This prevents the oven's heat from being reflected away from your dish!

-Becca Heflin uses foil to extend the life of celery. She suggests wrapping fresh celery in aluminum foil before popping it in the fridge.

-Jen Visser conquered cleaning her dingy stainless steel pans. Just put 1/2" of water in the bottom, add dishwasher detergent, mix and let simmer for 5 minutes. When ready, scrub with a brush and it will be good as new!

-Stop battling with plastic wrap! Brenda Smith tells us to store it in the freezer and tearing it will be a snap.

I simply love hearing your creative suggestions and sneaky shortcuts - Keep them coming!

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Patricia Mosso - Jan 17, 2010
To keep cut potato's fresh Longer, That you cant cook right a way, Place in a Tub with COLD water and Two tsp Lemon Juice. It will help them stay white and firm. And you can do this when you have a Big batch to cook of frys or something . You can get them ready, Have them in the fridge and cook them when you have a free moment.
Dana Kruckenberg - Jan 15, 2010
I'm all over the frozen plastic wrap and will try it immediately! Celery in foil? Brilliant!
Diane Carol Pinkham - Jan 14, 2010
Wrap your used steel wool soap pad in foil and it will not rust in between uses.
susan caswell - Jan 14, 2010
when measuring with sticky ingrediants.spray with pam.
it well slid right out.
cyndi martin - Jan 14, 2010
wrapping your lettuce in a paper towel will keep it fresh much longer!