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Bye Bye Boring Sandwiches, Hello Flavor

Cubano International Sandwich

Sandwiches are go-to for me. They can be on the lighter side if I'm looking for a small meal. Or, they can be loaded for something a bit heartier. Whenever I serve a sandwich, though, the one thing that I always try to pack them with big flavors.

"I love chicken salad sandwiches and I love this carrot ginger dressing, so I combined the two for a unique, wonderful Asian Chicken Salad Sandwich," explains Lolly St. John (Concord, CA). This chicken salad is like nothing you've tried before. It's untraditional and amazing.

The sandwich is perfectly balanced with crispy cabbage, savory chopped chicken, and crunchy slivered almonds. Mixed with the tangy and slightly spicy carrot ginger dressing takes this chicken salad to a whole new level. The dressing alone is fantastic. Great for a picnic... if you decide you want to share.

An Onion Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwich sounds unusual, but Hidemi Walsh (Plainfield, IN) fused two totally different recipes into one yummy sandwich. She originally came up with the concept by combining ingredients her husband loved and then put her tasty spin on things.

Hidemi makes a quick onion dip spread by blending cream cheese, Parmesan and onions - it's delicious! Mixed with the spinach, tomato, bacon and melted cheddar cheese, it makes for a savory grilled cheese.

Michelle Cater (Paradise, TX) makes Cool Cucumber Sandwiches that has a few odd ingredients to create one fantastic sandwich.

"I ate lunch at a restaurant called The Mustard Seed and they had a great tuna sandwiches with grapes in it," shares Michelle. "I loved it so I came home and added my favorite ingredients to make it just perfect."

Well, who would have thought dill pickles with grapes would be so good! Unusual for sure but mighty tasty. Michelle says you can make these with tuna or chicken. I tried it with tuna and loved the combination of flavors and textures. I bet it would be just as good with chicken. Great for an end of summer picnic.

Julia Ferguson's (Greenwood, IN) Cubano International Sandwich is full of so much flavor it's like a party in your mouth with every bite.

"This is my take on a Cuban sandwich," says Julia. "It's easy, quick and delicious." Delicious may be an understatement.

The German mustard, chipotle mayo, and zesty bread and butter pickles really have a great flavor combo and give this a little zing. The bread is crisp and holds in all the warm filling of this amazing sandwich. It's quite filling! Julie also mentions you can cut these into smaller pieces for an appetizer... I will definitely be doing that the next time I make this.

"I love epic and over the top sandwiches, and this was one fun sandwich I came up with to change up our pulled pork," reveals Noelle Myers. "I love the zesty barbecue sauce with the creamy, spicy mac and cheese on top."

This Jacked Up Mac and 'Que is one amped up sandwich! The pulled pork's kicking and super flavorful. The mac and cheese is so creamy and compliments the spice from the pork. The pork rinds on top are a surprise and add some crunch. This is a three napkin sandwich, so make sure to have a few handy.

Bye bye boring sandwiches, there is nothing basic about these mouthwatering recipes. Have you come up with a sandwich packed with flavor? Make sure to share it. Happy Pinching!

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Julia Ferguson - Feb 1, 2018
Janet, Thanks for showcasing my Cubano International Sandwich.
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