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Grill a Great Meal for Dad

Grilled Pineapple Pound Cake

Three cheers for dad! The man who was there to play catch after a long day at work, who taught us how to drive a car with a smile on his face (while secretly praying) and showed us how to properly fire up the grill. This Father's Day, put your grilling skills to work and grill a great meal for dad.

Wings do not always have to be fried, you can grill them too. And Linnette Lucas has a fantastic Grilled Asian Wings recipe she posted. "With the weather warming up, it means the grill's getting lots and lots of use," shares Linnette. "This particular Friday, I had a craving for wings but didn’t want the deep fried 'fatty' stuff. I decided to try mixing together a few flavors and seeing what happens."

What happened was fantastic wings that will be a great Father's Day appetizer. These wings have a kick, but you taste a sweetness from the honey Sriracha drizzle. The outside of the wings get nice and crunchy and the inside stays moist and full of flavor thanks to a soy sauce marinade. Her recipe is for 10 wings so the perfect munching amount.

Steak's the star of the meal and a delicious recipe is Lynette !'s Grilled Flank Steak with Sherry-Mustard Sauce. "[This is] a great way to prepare a less expensive cut of steak," Lynnette explains. "Plan ahead and this will be ready to serve in no time."

This recipe does take a bit of planning so prep this the day before. Flank steak can be tough, but this is nice and juicy. The steak marinates for 8 hours, so the mix of sherry, Dijon mustard, and ginger really permeates the meat making each bite delicious. The creamy sherry-mustard sauce is full of flavor and great for dipping.

"It's a little time-consuming because the asparagus has to be cooked slow and turned carefully so the bacon doesn't fall off but it's sooo worth it," says Danielle Matthews (Knoxville, TN) of her Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus. "I love this!"

This is such a simple, tasty recipe your friends and family are sure to enjoy. It's great with steak. How can you go wrong with bacon and asparagus?! In case the bacon grease flamed too much, I cooked these in a grill skillet. Then, I could easily remove them if I needed to.

Let's not forget dessert! Grilling dessert is fantastic and something I'm going to make a point to do more this summer. Christa Arwood's (Harriman, TN) Grilled Pineapple Pound Cake is simple to prepare and delicious to eat. "My sister cannot get enough of this," jokes Christa. "Anytime I am grilling you better believe she is asking if I am making this for dessert."

Grilling brings out the sweetness of the pineapple and adds a bit of smokey flavor too. The brown sugar caramelizes on the pineapple and is so yummy. The pound cake gets nice and toasty and looks pretty with the grill marks. By using a store-bought pound cake, this recipe can be made in a snap.

Celebrate dad with one of these tasty recipes. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out our favorite grilling recipes collection. It's filled with tons of great recipes. Happy Pinching!

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