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Chocolate Recipes Guaranteed to Feed Your Cravings

Chocolate Pie

Let's be real, in my mind chocolate should be its own food group. It's my weakness and I can never pass up a bite. Chocolate covered strawberries, cake, mousse, ice cream - it doesn't matter, I don't discriminate. I love it all!

Lately, I've been craving it A LOT. Maybe it's because around Valentine's Day everything seems to be chocolate? Who knows... but it got me thinking about chocolate recipes that'll feed my craving.

"What is there not to love about chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, chocolate ganache, Snickers candy bars and, oh yeah, how about some caramel, too," jokes Tracy Coleman (Vancouver, WA) of her Chocolate Bliss Bundt Cake.

Sweet, satisfying and perfectly moist, this is such a decadent cake. In the Test Kitchen, we couldn't wait for it to finish baking. Then, once we tasted it we couldn't wait to get seconds. If you're asked to bring a cake for a bake sale or a special occasion, make this recipe. It'll be gone in no time and you'll quickly become everyone's favorite person.

Want to know how to win over a chocoholic's heart? Present them with a piece of Joan Penney's (Platte City, MO) Chocolate Pie. When Joan says this is "the best chocolate pie" she isn't kidding. It seriously is.

Not only was this easy to make, it was also super delicious! The top has a slight crunch and the inside is soft and creamy. Slightly warm with a dollop of whipped cream and it's perfect but, try the pie cold out of the fridge too. Fudgy and so good. You can not go wrong with this lovely chocolate pie recipe.

Moist, sweet, chocolaty, I could go on and on about Donna Bardocz's (Howell, MI) Heaven's Own Hot Chocolate Cake. Donna's grandmother, Nan, created this wonderful cake and the recipe is something her family requests.

"It is the family favorite when I ask, 'What kind of cake would you like,'" shares Donna. "When you taste its wonderful ooey-gooey, chocolaty taste, you will soon know why!"

The homemade chocolate syrup is so good, I could eat that alone with a spoon. Soaked into the chocolate cake and warm out of the oven, it's a chocolate explosion in your mouth. Being so easy to prepare, after one taste you're going to be finding reasons just to make this cake. A chocolate lover's dream dessert!

I love to serve Chocolate Molten Cakes when I have company because they look so impressive, yet they're rather simple to make. A favorite recipe is by Kathleen Taylor (Perham, MN).

"It's very easy to prepare the batter a day ahead of time when having guests over," explains Kathleen. "Then just pop the cakes in the oven a half an hour before you plan to serve them." The key is to not over-bake them to keep the gooey center. When you dig in with your fork you see a moist, sinfully rich chocolate cake.

I consider it a great day when I can have chocolate for breakfast, which is why I love Stephanie Sorbie's (Kelso, WA) Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Scones. The breakfast of champions: a mug of hot coffee and these scones!

"Love these especially with my favorite espresso drink," says Stephanie. These sweet little bites boast a subtle chocolate flavor that perfectly compliments a dark roast. No need to head to an expensive coffee shop anymore for a morning treat.

Chocolate lovers make sure to keep sharing your chocolate recipes. I know I'm not the only one always looking for new recipes. Happy Pinching!

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