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A Sweet Ending To Thanksgiving

Pecan Fudge Pie

The turkey has been eaten, leftovers are packed up and hopefully, you picked the winners in the Thanksgiving football games. Now, it's onto dessert. Were you tasked with making the dessert this year, but you're not the best baker? Don't worry... we've got you covered.

I'm sure you're familiar with monkey bread, but if your not it's made with layers of flaky canned biscuits that are rolled in cinnamon sugar. It's eaten by pulling apart pieces and it's so good. Noelle Boesenberg (San Jose, CA) created an amped up version of monkey bread - Pumpkin Gorilla Bread with SoCo Toffee Sauce.

Noelle was inspired by a gorilla bread recipe she had. Then, she thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we put pumpkin inside with cream cheese?" Her friend chimed in with, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we served it with the sauce from toffee pudding?" A great dessert was born.

The pumpkin and cream cheese center give this gorilla bread great pumpkin flavor. The bread alone is super tasty. But add the silky and creamy Southern Comfort toffee sauce makes this bread amazing. In fact, the sauce would be great on top of some ice cream or an apple pie too. This dessert sounds very impressive, but it's simple to make.

"I love easy, instant yumminess and this Butterscotch Pumpkin Pudding Cheesecake pie fits the bill perfectly," says Amanda Marble (Detroit, MI). This pumpkiny dessert is seriously delicious and only requires a few simple ingredients. If you can turn on a hand mixer, you can make this recipe.

This yummy goodness has more of a texture of a pie than a cheesecake. The combo of the butterscotch pudding, the pumpkin and spices are very unique. This dessert will be a great ending to your Thanksgiving meal!

Catherine Thompson Floyd's (Burlington, MI) Butterscotch Krispy Goody Bars are a delightful treat. "[These have] a cookie crust, marshmallow center, and a nutty butterscotch top," shares Catherine. "Make a batch and if you have any left, they freeze well."

If you bring these to Thanksgiving, I think you'll be leaving with an empty plate. You really taste the butterscotch in every bite... it melts in your mouth. They are chewy yet crunchy at the same time and delicious.

"I will say there is nothing disgusting about this Chocolate Disgust recipe," jokes Tara Pacheco (Fall River, MA). "I can't say where the name came from except that maybe it is disgustingly good!"

Good may be an understatement. As chocolaty as this dish is, it's neither too heavy or too sweet. The Kahlua-soaked cake melds with the whipped cream and pudding for a spoonable taste of heaven. The Heath bar sprinkled on top adds some crunch and a fab toffee flavor. This is just sooo good.

Sena Wilson's (Lake Jackson, TX) Pecan Fudge Pie is a chocolate pecan lover's dream.

"It seems pecan pie is a favorite among many any time of the year," thinks Sena. "Since I am partial to chocolate, the combination of both pecans and chocolate is the best of both worlds. This recipe is not only delicious but very easy to prepare and bake."

Sena's pie is a great variation of pecan pie. The center is nice and gooey with a great crunch from the pecans. Serve warm with a dollop of whipped cream (and a glass of milk)... heavenly!

I hope your day is filled with sweet memories with family and friends. From our Just A Pinch family to yours, I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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