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Fall's Favorite Flavor Shines Bright in Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Spice Filled Cupcakes

Fall means cooler evenings, football, shuffling kids from practice to practice, the return of casseroles to the dinner menu and pumpkin everything.

I admit I have fallen to the pumpkin craze. I always have my share of pumpkin spice lattes. But pumpkin is so much more than a PSL as our amazing home cooks have proven.

Is there a better way than to start your day with a dose of pumpkin? I can't think of one especially after trying Carolynne Grogan's (Modesto, CA) Caramel Pumpkin Rolls. OMG.

"These rolls are very delicious and best served warm," says Carolynne. The aroma from these baking is so good, you're going to have a hard time not opening the oven door. There's just the right amount of ooey gooey filling inside. The caramel glaze on top is easy to make and delicious.

Since these do take a bit of prep time, I suggest making these the night before. Then using Carolynne's tip of reheating them in the oven for a few minutes in the morning. They're great for dessert too. Just delish!

"I was thinking about an individual pumpkin bread, something easy to serve, so decided to try this change to my favorite biscuit recipe," explains Sandi Weiso Brown (Spruce, MI).

Sandi's Pumpkin Whole Wheat Fluffy Biscuits are light and fluffy with a wonderful pumpkin twist. Without the topping, these pumpkin biscuits are slightly sweet and would be great at dinnertime.

But that icing... I made Sandi's alternative icing and was not sorry. If you're looking for a sweet ending to the day, I'd suggest taking the time to make the alternative icing. It's worth the extra few minutes.

Julie Knauf's (Escanaba, MI) Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies can be made in a snap and are perfect for those pumpkin cravings.

"These were handed down from my grandmother to my mother and then to me," shares Julie. "I make them every autumn." You all know my fondness for an heirloom recipe and this one does not disappoint.

The chocolate chunks pair so well with the pumpkin... almost intensifies the pumpkin flavor. There's a hint of cinnamon that has you asking, "what's that?" All the great tastes of fall are in this cooking. And they're easy to make - a great recipe for the family to create together.

Just the name of Dana Ramsey's Pumpkin Bread with Maple Cream Cheese Filling gets my mouth watering and puts me into the fall spirit. The flavors of pumpkin and maple are an amazing blend, particularly when coupled with creamy cream cheese.

Dana's recipe makes three loaves, "which allows you to share with your friends and family or just keep all to yourself," as Dana suggests. After one bite, it may be hard to let go of the extras. It's that good.

"Light, refreshing and perfect for a crisp autumn day," is how Patricia Kutchins (Lake Zurich, IL) describes her Pumpkin Spice Filled Cupcakes. The pumpkin flavor is perfect in these treats.

Patricia starts with a simple boxed spice cake. What makes these magical is the light and fluffy filling inside. She combines pumpkin with cream cheese and powdered sugar. Then amps up the flavors with pumpkin pie spice. Sweetened pecans top these pumpkin cupcakes perfectly.

"Squash" any other recipes you may have planned to make today and whip up one of these fabulous pumpkin recipes. Happy Pinching!

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Colleen Sowa - Sep 25, 2016
Nice collection! ox
Andy Anderson ! - Sep 21, 2016
I love Autumn, and everything that it entails.

I love the leaves tumbling out of the trees, and carpeting the grass in multi-colored tones of reds, yellows, and oranges.

I love walking down the lane in a thick woolen sweater, as I watch my breath escape into the air in puffs of cool white vapor.

I love the cold grey skies that hold the promise of snow.

And I love pumpkin recipes…

Happy Autumn everyone :-)
Melanie B - Sep 20, 2016
Here is one of my favorites. Pumpkin Bread Mama's recipe
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