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Corny Recipes the Family Will Love

Crazy Corn

Is there anything better than an ear of perfectly sweet corn in the summer? Sweet, juicy, and smeared with some butter, it's one of my favorite summertime veggies.

Did you know the color of corn does not affect the sweetness of the corn? Whether it's yellow, white, or white and yellow, it all has the same flavor. What does affect the flavor is how long ago it was picked.

That's why it's great to find locally grown corn. Yesterday, I ran across a roadside stand filled with freshly picked corn. Oh, the smile that came across my face. It got my mind popping thinking about my favorite corn recipes.

Creamy, kicky and fantastic, Ashley Dawkins' (Burrillville, RI) Crazy Corn will spice up any meal. "I'm not a fan of mayonnaise, but I could eat this all summer long," says Ashley.

Each ear is brushed with butter, then mayonnaise and lastly Parmesan cheese. Seriously ... how could this recipe not be great? If you're not a mayo fan, substitute with more butter like Ashley suggests. You can also add as much spice as your family likes. Easy and delicious!

Hands down, Diane Hopson Smith's (Pine Mountain, GA) Dee Dee's South of the Border Corn Pudding is one of the best corn puddings to cross my plate. "I love corn just about any way you fix it," shares Diane. "I've tweaked a basic corn pudding recipe by adding other fresh garden veggies and some south of the border spices."

Amazing fresh corn, bright peppers, ample seasoning and creamy butter this recipe is just stellar. Tammy T. (Phoenix, AZ) agrees too. "I made this for our family get together over the weekend and was very happy with the response," said Tammy. "Everyone loved it including me... not a drop left!" Serve this veggie-packed recipe to friends and everyone will be asking for seconds.

"This was so good I couldn't stay out of it," jokes Lynn Socko (San Angelo, TX) of her Corn Salad. Quick and easy to make it'll be fabulous alongside your grilled steaks and burgers.

The flavors are great in this nontraditional corn salad. Lynn does say you can substitute frozen corn, but I suggest going with fresh corn since it's abundant right now. MMM... I may serve this at my cookout this weekend.

Amelia Schaffner's (Atlanta, GA) Roasted Shrimp, Corn, Orzo, Lemon and Parsley Salad is light, flavorful and perfect for summer. "I made this recipe for my volunteering group and it was gone in a pinch," shares Amelia.

I used a little less basil than called for and it turned out great, so feel free to adjust as you see fit - this recipe is so good it can handle it! It's packed with flavor but if you want, grill the shrimp and corn like Amelia suggests. It will add a bit more of smokey flavor. This is a great side dish, but hearty enough to serve for a light dinner. Yum-my!

Are you looking for ways to use up leftover corn? Try Shawn Chant's (Birmingham, AL) Salsa Fresca recipe. While Shawn says the corn is an option, we think it's a necessity. It adds to the overall flavor and texture of the salsa. "This is sooooo good," says Shawn. "It's best if refrigerated for at least an hour so the flavors can meld."

In the refrigerator, the magic happens. Tomato, onion, corn, jalapeƱos, fresh herbs and spices combine to make one superb salsa. With a medium kick and lots of fresh veggies, this salsa will be great at your next gathering. I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

Whether you decide to grill corn, boil it, or make one of these amazing recipes, shuck a few ears this weekend and create something special. And don't forget to let us know what you make. Happy Pinching!

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Esquites/ Creamy Corn Cups

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