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Save Room for Delicious Holiday Desserts

Lizzie's Coconut Custard Pie

There's a running joke in my family that dessert should be considered a meal. I serve so many cookies and cakes, there's practically an entire dessert for each person. If you're like my family, here are a few suggestions for easy holiday desserts that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

"This was one of my grandma's pies and I love it," says Cathie Carr (North Liberty, IN) about her Lizzie's Coconut Custard Pie recipe. Cathie's grandma definitely knew how to make pies!

This pie is creamy and packed with coconut. It's sure to impress your family and no one needs to know how easy it is to make! This will be a great addition to your holiday dessert table.

"My son in law was the inspiration for this pie," explained Cathy Smith (Phenix City, AL). He enjoys a good bourbon on occasion and I wanted to figure out a special recipe for him."

When I read Honorary Kitchen Crew Member Teresa Jacobson's (Jacksonville, FL) review of Cathy's Bourbon Cream Pie I knew I was adding it to my meal. "This cake is fantastic," reviewed Teresa. "Just chill it well so it sets up nicely." Make sure to use a smooth and flavorful bourbon when preparing this recipe. The best part is you can make this ahead of time - always a plus at the holidays.

Another easy make-ahead dessert is Dorene Fishkin's (Tacoma, WA) Classic Cranberry Bread Pudding. "This is a delicious recipe for cranberry and bread pudding lovers," shares Dorene.

Whole cranberries add a pop of flavor to this classic bread pudding recipe. It's a bit tart, a bit sweet and so good. You can sprinkle some chopped pecans on top too for a bit of crunch. Yum!

Laura Spencer-Whitacre's (The Dalles, OR) Favorite Chocolate Mousse is easy to prepare, creamy and delicious. The addition of coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor in this lovely mousse. A splash of orange liqueur is a nice touch for the holidays. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, serve in a pretty glass and you have a lovely dessert.

While pies and cakes are fabulous, I like to offer something smaller if people want to nibble.

Cherie Szilvagyi's (Deckerville, MI) Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies are great when you want a bit of something sweet. "Grandma Lawrence used to make this one each Christmas," reminisces Cherie. "Part of her cookie tray platter and a well-loved favorite."

With all the beloved flavors of a chocolate covered cherry, these are so yummy. Even better, these cookies are easier to prepare than the candies.

While there are a few steps to Joan Penney's (Platte City, MO) Triple Chocolate Biscotti, these rich, decadent biscotti are not too difficult to make. Pecans add an extra crunch. Dipping them in chocolate is a nice final touch. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and they are a sweet ending to the day.

Part of the fun at the holidays is indulging just a bit. Is there a special dessert you make each year? Post your recipe... I'm always looking to sweeten up my dessert table!

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