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No Tricks! These Halloween Recipes Are a Real Treat

Trick or Treat Trail Mix

Who says Halloween is just for kids! My neighborhood has decided to throw an adults Halloween party and I'm so excited. It's been years since I've dressed up in a costume.

Everyone's been assigned a responsibility and mine is the food (surprising, I know!). I know a few Halloween recipes my neighbors will enjoy as much as we did in the Test Kitchen did.

Snack mixes are great for a party. You can graze on it while catching up with friends guests you haven't seen in a while. Elizabeth Lancaster and Kelly Whitman have recipes I love.

Elizabeth's Halloween Crunch recipe definitely serves a big crowd. "When I was a child, my mother would make this treat to send to school for Halloween," Elizabeth reminisces. "It is now a year-round favorite at my house for when I'm in the mood for something salty and sweet."

Candy corn is the best. I stock up around this time of year, and I love it combined with the popcorn. Then she adds chocolate candies... which in my book makes everything better. This is great for Halloween, but would also be yummy at your next family movie night.

Pretzels, mini peanut butter crackers, and dry roasted peanuts are the basis for Kelly's Trick or Treat Trail Mix. "I only make [this] once a year in October to keep it special," shares Kelly.

Sweet, savory, crunchy... and very addicting! Kelly adds candy corn and chocolate candies to her mix too. The best is when you get a bit of everything in each bite.

When I first tried Racquel Sweeney's Halloween Pumpkin Soup with Smoked Bacon, I thought it would be slightly sweet. My taste buds were nicely surprised at how savory this soup is!

"This one's a tasty soup," says Racquel. "Just the thing if you've been out trick or treating." This will definitely warm you up if it's a cool Halloween night. It will be great at my party too. The smoked bacon really added a depth of flavor everyone is sure to enjoy

The kiddos (and adults) in your life are going to love Stacy Hutchinson's Chocolate Spider Treats. "A fun little treat for Halloween and so easy the kids can do it," suggests Stacy.

Store bought cookie tart shells are filled with chocolate pudding and topped with chopped sandwich cookies. Yum! Have fun decorating the spiders with licorice and candies. No one will be afraid of this dessert!

Crystal Schlueter's Healthier Than Candy Pumpkin Cookies are so yummy, kiddos won't miss the candy. And adults will definitely sneak a few of these moist and delicious cookies too.

"I made these for my friend's children, as they aren't allowed to eat candy or anything too unhealthy," explains Crystal. "The kids loved them and my friend approved!" I had extra cream cheese frosting so topped them with that and the flavor combination was fabulous. I may make a double batch of these. They're so good I can see them going fast.

Whether you're going to a party like me, or looking or something new to serve on Halloween, treat the family to one of these fun Halloween-inspired recipes.

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Roxanne Jenkins - Oct 28, 2015
was wondering if you are sending out newsletters anymore I haven't received one for months and months, I miss them thank you for your help
sheila farrah - Oct 27, 2015
My niece is so creative ! She also had a Halloween Party this year and / or goes to one every year. Can't remember what she served or what she and her husband dressed as ,but my sister -in - law was
A leaf and my brother was a leaf blower! The party was this past Saturday so she could take her son trick or treating!
Carol Harpel - Oct 27, 2015
MsMayberry ~ Awesome recovery!!
Sharon Ward - Oct 27, 2015
Hi... it's me... MsMayberry.. with a red face!! I'm embarrassed to say that my last problem of not being able to find the recipes... has been resolved... So sorry to have exploded as I did! I will go now and eat my bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough..... :) Thank you.....
Sharon Ward - Oct 27, 2015
Okay... I admit I've not visited in awhile... that being said, now that I am here, what the heck happened to being able to view the recipes when you click on the photos?!! Or even see them at all?! I find this to be VERY frustrating!! Where or how do you get to them?!! Please advise! I'd actually like to make some of them! Thanks! Ms Mayberry