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Celebrate Fall's Best-Loved Flavor With Tasty Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Custard with Pumpkin Vanilla Creme

When I think Fall, I think of college football, cozy sweaters, the smell of warm apple pie baking and pumpkin. As far as I'm concerned, the more pumpkin the better! After looking around Just A Pinch, it seems I'm not the only home cook who loves a good pumpkin recipe.

In cooler weather, I start my day with a nice, hearty bowl of oatmeal. Recently, I've been adding a touch of Tiffany Bannworth's Butterscotch Pumpkin Sauce. The sauce tastes just like a mellow pumpkin pie and it's delicious. It would be great over some ice cream too, as a dip for apples or even on top of some waffles. As Tiffany says, "You can use it in anything you like!"

By now, you've probably had your fair share of pumpkin latte from the coffee shop. Well, did you know you could make your own specialty drink at home? Bye-bye, expensive coffee drinks thanks to Michelle Antonacci. Her Pumpkin Spice Mochaccino Mix tastes just as good!

"When I went out to Amish country they had a pumpkin cappuccino mix that we just loved," shared Michelle. "Since I don't live close I decided to make my own." We hunted for the marshmallow mocha creamer that Michelle calls for in the recipe but had to "settle" for a French vanilla flavor. It still turned out fabulous!

You know what would pair really nicely with Michelle's cappuccino? Patricia Kutchins' Pumpkin Spice Biscotti. "These easy biscotti cookies are a real treat for this time of the year," says Patricia.

The aroma of these while baking is wonderful! It really gives the kitchen a scent of Fall - the spice and pumpkin are a great flavor combination. Good with morning coffee or an afternoon pick me up.

Another fabulous pumpkin cookie recipe is Amanda Lesko's Caramel Pumpkin Cookies. "Soft, moist, sweet and unbelievably addicting" is how Amanda describes them and I'd agree.

These flavorful cookies are made all the more delightful with the addition of caramel icing. Oh, how I love the icing! This recipe makes a ton of cookies so it's great for a bake sale, serve at a party, add to a cookie tray or make as gifts to hand to friends. There's yumminess in every bite.

"I wanted to experiment with my pumpkin cheesecake so I added a layer of Biscoff spread to the top and it was wonderful," explains Cara Roe of how she came up with her Biscoff Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe. Since it has to chill overnight, it's a bit time consuming. But once you bite in you'll realize it was worth every minute.

The crust is sweet, nutty with a hint of warm spices. The cheesecake tastes just like a pumpkin pie only in cheesecake form. And the cookie spread on top adds another level of flavor bringing this dessert to a whole new level. This cheesecake will be a welcome addition to your holiday dessert table.

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite Fall desserts. But, this year I'm replacing it at my holiday table with Pattie Turner's Pumpkin Custard with Pumpkin Vanilla Creme. "It's the perfect dessert for a chilly Fall night," Pattie says. It's relatively quick and easy to make which is great during the holidays. Or when you need to satisfy your pumpkin fix!

From pumpkin pie to pumpkin bread or even pumpkin pancakes, I love to incorporate my favorite Fall flavor into my recipes. Are you a pumpkin fan like me? I'd love to know how you add it into your cooking!

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Barbara Paprocki - Oct 27, 2015
Thanks alot, Cassie.
Cassie * - Oct 24, 2015
Hi Barbara...I always baked mine at 350 for 45 - 50 minutes, I would always do 2 - 3 at a time. The skin will also be a dark orange in color and begin to wrinkle. Hope this helps.
Barbara Paprocki - Oct 23, 2015
I am planning on baking pumpkin pies with real pumpkin. I haven't made these in sometime and I wonder if anyone can help me? I used to clean the pumpkin and cut it in half. I put the halves upside down on a cookie sheet and slowly bake them until they caved in and the meat was soft and easy to scoop out. I strained the pumpkin and then made up the pies. I do not remember at what temperature to bake the raw pumpkin or how long to bake them. Does anyone have this info for me.? I appreciate it. Barb Paprocki
Cassie * - Oct 20, 2015
I'm a huge pumpkin fan. So may recipes, so little time. Here's a few of my favorites.

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