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Comforting Classic Southern Recipes

Southern Banana Pudding

There's nothing better than southern foods. It's just good ol' down-home comfort food. Many times they're recipes handed down through generations which make the food even more special.

Go to any luncheon in the south, and you'll find deviled eggs on the table. It's a recipe we learn as little kids. That's exactly how Eva Marion learned to make her Mama's Deviled Eggs. "[These are] not your standard deviled eggs, but they are a huge hit with the family," says Eva. "You taste more than eggs with these."

What makes Eva's deviled eggs special? Bacon! The smokey flavor really makes them stand out. One bite and I wondered why I had never thought to add bacon. When I make these, I go back for more and more. They are delicious!

Another recipe passed down from their mother is Shelley Simpson's Incredible Pimento Cheese Spread. "This can be frozen ahead of time and then thawed in the fridge the day before a holiday or picnic/cookout."

I love to serve my pimento cheese with buttery crackers or veggies. It's great on a burger or used in a grilled cheese too. Shelley adds a bit of sugar to her recipe which isn't traditional but makes this recipe so good. Great for a snack, a party appetizer or even at a tailgate. Yum.

Fried chicken is practically a food group in the south. You can find some of the best fried chicken at hole-in-the-wall joint scattered around the south. Mary Lundschen's Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Spicy Honey Drizzle is as good (if not better) than the chicken I find at those places.

"I think that frying chicken is what cast iron skillets are made for," jokes Mary. "If you are frying a lot of chicken, you can dip the chicken for frying, place on large sheet pan and refrigerate overnight and fry the next day." We just loved of this recipe! Our chicken rested in the fridge for about 6 hours before frying... the result was perfection.

Baking the perfect biscuit is a science in itself. And thanks to her mom, Sheila Senghas has mastered it with their Country Biscuits. "I am ashamed to say that at the age of 63, I had never learned to make her biscuits," shares Sheila. "She recently taught me to make them and after taking a bite with a smile on her face said they tasted just like her mom made."

One bite into these flaky and delicious biscuits and I had a smile on my face too. They brought back memories of my favorite childhood biscuits. Biscuits and gravy was a favorite breakfast of mine as a kid, and these would work great for that. Super easy to make these are a great weekend treat.

Just imagine golden, delicious fried balls of goodness served alongside your favorite fish. That's what you get with Elaine Bovender's Southern Style Hush Puppies.

"Living on the coast of North Carolina, we love Calabash style seafood and hush puppies," shares Elaine. "I serve these hush puppies hot with homemade honey butter and fresh local fish fried up crispy and golden, mmm mmm!" I'd say they're heavenly.

No southern meal is complete without some banana pudding. Janna Kerr's Southern Banana Pudding is a must. "I love love love Banana Pudding! It is my all-time favorite southern dessert," exclaims Janna. "Eating it warm, right after I make it is the absolute best!"

Oh, what sweet memories this recipe brings back! I remember eating warm banana pudding when I was a kid. Such a treat! I sampled this warm and after it was chilled... delicious and creamy both times.

These fabulous recipes will allow you to have a taste of the south wherever you live in the world! What's a recipe unique to your region? Share it with us!

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Cassie * - Oct 1, 2015
A welcome treat all year long, no matter where I take them, they vanish.

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