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Premium Video Content Now Featured on Just A Pinch!

There's a lot of buzz in the kitchen lately! Members have been asking for video on Just A Pinch. Well, we're fans of short videos too. They're fun and a great way to learn a cooking tip or two.

We're happy to announce that, starting today, Just A Pinch has partnered with the Food Network to bring premium cooking video content to members — pairing a related video with almost every recipe!

You're probably asking yourself "What types of content is featured?" Well... it's some pretty great stuff!

• Fun how-to videos
• Food shopping tips
• Behind the scenes clips from Food Network
• Some of our favorite celebrity chefs in the kitchen
• Recipes from our favorite brands
• Fun crafts from HGTV
• And much, much more

As y'all know, we're always looking for ways to enhance the fun on Just A Pinch and we're really excited to be able to provide this premium content for all members. We’re also working to build a library of some great Just A Pinch short-run video cooking tips and how-tos that we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks and months…possibly with an opportunity for members to submit their own! So stay tuned!


As a Premium Perk member, you have the option to browse the site ad-free! With that in mind, we have included a check box in the Account Settings for Premium Perks members that allow you to turn off the video player on all recipe pages. If you ever want to view related video on recipe pages in the future, simply check the toggle in your Account Settings.

- The Kitchen Crew

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Beverley Williams - Aug 27, 2015
I HATE!!!!!! having the videos on every single recipe page. It makes them take forever to load and are extremely distracting. I think having the how-to videos is a nice feature but they should be in a separate place where people who want them can watch and NOT forced on the rest of us. I will be viviting WAY less often and will not be renewing my membership if the videos stay the way you have them now.
Andy Anderson ! - Aug 27, 2015
I'll wait with you Renee... with a nice glass of Trimbach Riesling.

Actually, I'm out by the pond. A few more of these Riesling's and I won't care what happens.


I just want JAP to be the family-centered site that I came to know and love two years ago.
Renée G. - Aug 27, 2015
I agree with everything Andy has said. I also work with web design; edit and troubleshoot programs. I know how expensive it is to maintain a site of this magnitude. The software/programs they are running currently can't keep up with the volume that is now needed. I'm not sure they planned for the site to ever grow this large - all that being said; I do not, however, agree with how they have chosen to try to fix the situation.

So...time will tell and in the meantime...I'll just sit by and watchfully wait. Having come from a medical career before getting in to web management, we often had to just be watchful/waiting with a patient who had a complicated medical disorder. Sometimes we found the answer - sadly, sometimes not.
Nor M. - Aug 27, 2015
Ditto Andy!
Teresa G - Aug 27, 2015
Well said, Andy. I believe you and agree.
Andy Anderson ! - Aug 27, 2015
Okay, this may not be the most popular post, but hear me out.

Janet said that it costs a lot of cash bucks to maintain this site, and that’s true.

If, years ago, they would have come to me and told me they wanted a site that would host a million plus people… allow them to create groups to have discussions… give everyone a home page with their recipes… maintain a 3D database, and do this all without cost to the members…

I do run a business, and part of that is Web design… my starting bid would have been in the six figures. I’m not exaggerating.

Granted, I think that they are using outdated coding, and in doing so it’s causing problems with down/up load speeds, but it’s a complicated thing to bring about.

Just so you don’t think that I’m being an apologist for JAP… I do have severe problems with placing these dang commercials on our recipes. The fact that they seem to be all Food Network ads, and they seem to be in direct competition with our own recipes, doesn’t help their case. It appears that JAP, in some form or another, is in bed with the Food Network. But, it doesn’t mean that the Food Network is buying them out. It could just be capital investment.

Do I want JAP to remove their annoying ads and competitive recipes from my recipes… the answer is, yes. Are they going to do it… only time will answer that question.

Just remember one important thing: If the worst happens; there is life beyond JAP.

Keep the faith, and keep cooking.
Teresa G - Aug 27, 2015
I'm going to wait and see also, but in the meantime I'm making cookbooks for all of my recipes and downloading them, just in case.
Nor M. - Aug 27, 2015
I am staying for now. I just do not want any recipe videos on my recipes. That is what my concern is. If a person comes to my site and I am making lasagna and they watch their lasagna which I saw. Who's to say they won't make their's? If it's just going to be instructional videos about how to beat sn egg or etc. I wouldn't mind that so much. I just don't want another recipe video on top of mine.

I still don't see why people can't watch them off to the side?
Renée G. - Aug 27, 2015
I'm just going to give it some time and see just how it plays out. I have no immediate plans to move on unless something else comes up!
Deb Crane - Aug 27, 2015
Wow.... took me a while to catch up and figure out what was going on. Guess we see what happens with these changes. I have to admit, I am still a bit confused. That, and it saddens me to feel I do not feel comfortable directing others to our beloved JAP. I might have figured out how to disable the annoying adds/video stuff, but for those who just want to view recipes, it is not an option? Many questions and confused.
This is my first go to site. I call it my happy place. It has become like family to me. I sure hope all the friends I have met here do not run for the hills just yet.... :(
Chris L. - Aug 27, 2015
I am deleting my photos, editing my personal notes, and making a statement in each of my posted recipes that I have abandoned the site. I hope others do the same.
Lesley Snow - Aug 27, 2015
You are in with Food Network now? Just flipping PEACHY!
They purchased and ruined a wonderful site that I was on for several years. I took recipes from there to put here. It appears to have been a mistake as your 'enhancements' seem very similar to the destruction of RecipeZaar/Food.com.
Kitchen Crew - Aug 27, 2015
Hi All,

There's been a lot of chatter. We wanted to provide clarification on our plans.

Bob Cooney - Aug 27, 2015
Hey ! It's only 400,000 recipes on here. ...

And that's from last year. .....

Now I understand why Just a Pinch doesn't have to adhere to their own rules. ....
Bob Cooney - Aug 27, 2015
Thank you Vickie