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Brunch Recipes That'll Dazzle A Crowd

Crabby Patty Brunch Bake

Eggs Benedict, bacon, sausage, omelets... y’all know my fondness for brunch recipes.

My friend is having guests for brunch next weekend and has asked me to help her with the menu. I definitely have a few suggestions!

“You just can not go wrong with a quiche, and this is one of my favorites,” shares JM Avallone. Her Crab Quiche combines crab with asparagus, red pepper and caramelized onions to create a wonderfully sweet quiche. Quiche is the epitome of brunch to me, and this would be a great seafood addition.

Tammy Wade’s Crabby Patty Brunch Bake is another lovely seafood option. “If you wake up crabby in the morning, you won’t be for long,” jokes Tammy. “This goodie will happy-fy you!”

This is a very different brunch casserole and it’s delicious! The half and half along with the peppers really contribute to the awesome flavor of this recipe. If you like crab, you’ll definitely want to add this to the menu.

One glance at Kimberly Kolligs’ Puddin Place Eggs and guests will be “egg-cited” to dig in. “This is the easiest recipe, but everyone says wow when they see it,” explains Kimberly. “And they’re even more impressed when they taste it!”

Bacon, cheese, heavy cream, and eggs make for one delicious treat. But really the best part is you can prepare this in advance. Then, just pop them in the oven just before guests arrive.

French toast is always a favorite. I especially love Colleen Wehr’s Pecan Delight Baked French Toast because you start it the night before. Overnight, the cinnamon bread soaks up the flavors from coffee creamer, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to make one mmm mmm good recipe.

“This is a very rich breakfast,” says Colleen. “You really won’t need syrup to enjoy.” A small slice will do ya... and it’s worth every bite!

Scones are delightful to serve at brunch alongside some tea. A lovely recipe is Laura Spencer-Whitacre’s Cream Scones. “This scone recipe will melt in your mouth,” exclaims Laura. Top these with marmalade or a bit of blackberry jam, sit back and enjoy. They are a wonderful way to treat yourself—and your guests.

It’s nice to serve something lighter at brunch too. With berries being in season, I thought we could serve Cindi B.’s Fruity Tossed Salad. It’s fresh, tasty and so pretty!

Cindi suggests “to go easy on the salad dressing though, as a little bit surely goes a long way.” Cindi uses her favorite creamy poppy seed dressing, which I think a light dash complements the flavors perfectly. What I especially love about this recipe, is you can scale the ingredients based on the number of guests you have.

Besides the food, I think I love brunch because it’s a way to catch up with friends. With hectic lives, it’s nice to take some time and share what’s going on—and maybe a recipe or two.

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Carol Harpel - Jun 2, 2015
You are welcome, Zelda!
It can be difficult on a new site - but it could be worse -
Logging into an old site and finding out that you're now clueless -
Cannot find a dang thing!!
Zelda Martin - Jun 2, 2015
Thanks Carol
Carol Harpel - Jun 2, 2015
Zelda -- Click on the name of the recipe!! It's blue!!
Earnestine Strahan - Jun 2, 2015
thank you
Zelda Martin - Jun 2, 2015
Where do I find recipe?