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Gearing up for a Tasty Memorial Day

Stuffed Green Chilies Burger

Memorial Day is nearly here. It's a time to gather with great friends, remember those who have fought to give us our freedoms and celebrate with some tasty food.

It's also the unofficial kick-off to cookout season! I'm busy planning my menu - burgers and hot dogs will will be the centerpiece. But, of course, I'll be making them extraordinary.

Jasmin Steward-Harbin definitely knows a thing or two about a flavorful burger. She pumps up her Stuffed Green Chilies Burger's flavor with the addition of cumin and garlic to the meat. Then, she stuffs cheese inside the patty.

"[I] made this with love and the family loves this recipe," shares Jasmin. "[It's] great for entertaining." I'm not sure what everyone will love more, the burger or the toppings. She tops the burgers with this lovely cilantro/lime/ranch dressing. The final touch is green chilies and french fried onions for some crunchiness. Flavorful is an understatement!

Diane Hopson Smith's Muffuletta Stuffed Burger is definitely memorable. She takes everything you love about a muffuletta sandwich and packs it into a hamburger. "[This is a] very tasty juicy burger," exclaims Diane. Make sure to have a napkin (or five) handy when digging in.

Olives, carrots, capers create the most delicious olive mix you can practically eat on its own. That's stuffed inside, along with mozzarella and salami. Diane uses an iron skillet to make hers, but these would be fabulous off the grill too. This is definitely one decadent burger.

"This was something we came up with after having leftover pico de gallo from fajitas the night before," explains Helene Mulvihill. "Plain burgers will never be enough in this house again!" If you like food with Mexican flavor, then Helene's Grilled Pico Burgers are for you.

Helene adds fresh cilantro, onion, tomatoes along with other spices to her fiery burger. The sour cream and avocado on top do tone the temp down a bit though. If your company likes a bit of heat, then this burger is for you.

Let's not forget about the other cookout staple, the hot dog. I love cooking my dogs on the grill. Topping them with ketchup and mustard is great, but this cookout I'm offering my guests a few other fun options.

Norma DeRemer's Hot Dog & Hamburger Relish would work wonderfully on top of a hot dog or add a pop of flavor to a regular burger. It reminds me of a relish my grandmother used to serve and we used it on everything.

"I started making this when I first got married," reminisces Norma. "My family and friends love it." One bite and I think you'll love it too. It does make a lot. If you're heading to a cookout, consider bringing this along in a pretty jar. It would make a great hostess gift.

Initially, I tried Jen Smallwood's Michigan Hot Dog Sauce on french fries and I couldn't wait to put it on a hot dog.

"[This is] my mother's recipe for a spicy, tangy sauce for hot dogs, french fries or hamburgers," shares Jen. The sauce has the consistency and flavors of chili and tops a hot dog wonderfully. My oh my, this is yummy!

If you like a bit of heat on your dogs, make sure to check out Dee Tourville's You Saucey Little Dog Sauce.

Dee says, "it's not for the faint of heart." And is she ever right. It uses 7 teaspoons of chili powder! Now I do like things on the hotter side, so my taste buds were super happy. If you don't like things as hot, cut back on the heat to your liking.

How do you plan on celebrating Memorial Day this year? However you celebrate make it a memorable (and tasty) one!

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Rosalie Harrison - May 19, 2015
I am planning a crawfish boil with loads of extras with the crawfish. Onions, heads of garlic , potatoes, corn, mushrooms, chicken plenty of seasoning and lemons and limes. Yummm
Kim Biegacki - May 19, 2015
These hamburger, hot dogs and relish recipes all sound fabulous and some of them I have pinched to give them a try this summer! But, .....I would like to include a recipe you may have missed here on Just a Pinch. It is one of the best "HOT DOGS" I've ever had called Yellow submarine food truck's Yellow Dog and is from Jennie Pagano. Here is the link to make the incredible yet super easy pineapple sauce that goes with this "YELLOW DOG". Pineapple Sauce --- I promise you that if this sounds weird I would agree but if you are willing to give it a try you'll find out why this is one of the top selling hot dogs on the "Yellow Submarine Food Truck that Jennie tells you about in the recipe.