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Spring's Star Veggie Shines in Stellar Recipes

Parmesan Asparagus

I love that the weather is finally warmer. I can begin my weekly weekend farmer's market trips. This weekend's adventure was a huge success. I picked up some strawberries, radishes, rhubarb, kale and lots of asparagus.

By the amount of asparagus on my table, I may have gotten a little too excited at the market. Thankfully, I'm a big fan of this veggie and have a few favorite recipes I'll whip up. I also may try one of these blue ribbon asparagus recipes Just A Pinch members shared - they're all so tasty!

When I initially saw Ashley Dearmore's Parmesan Asparagus I knew I wanted to try it. "This asparagus is tossed in a garlic butter sauce, then topped with freshly grated Parmesan," explains Ashley.

How can a recipe go wrong when it's topped in cheese?! And the garlic butter adds marvelous flavor. You may want to double this easy side dish. After one bite, everyone's going to become a fan of this recipe.

Another great way to serve asparagus is Danielle Matthews' Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus. "It's a little time consuming because the asparagus has to be cooked slow and turned carefully so the bacon doesn't fall off, but it's so worth it," shares Danielle.

I cooked Danielle's asparagus in a "grill skillet" to help easily turn the asparagus. It made cooking this recipe a cinch. With grilling season starting, these will be great to add to the grill while other items are cooking. Guests will gobble these up.

"[This] Asparagus Salad with Fresh Mozzarella is great because you can make it ahead, and it gets better as you wait to serve it," says Libby Walp. Salads are great for the summer, and this is one mighty tasty dish.

Libby combines creamy mozzarella cheese with fresh tarragon to create a winning flavor combination. This will be great for your summer cookout or to go alongside your family dinner. It's just delightful.

All Devon Delaney can say about her Blooming Asparagus Roll-ups is "yum" and I couldn't agree more. The spread on the bread is wonderful!

It's made from tangy blue cheese, creamy cream cheese, crunchy radish and sweet mango chutney. Can we say flavorful?! Adding a bit of sweet Italian sausage before rolling these up, finishes the flavors perfectly.

"You just can not go wrong with a quiche and this is one of my favorites," says JM Avallone of her lovely Crab Quiche.

The combination of asparagus, red pepper and caramelized onions adds a really wonderful sweet flavor to this quiche. It would be a great seafood addition to your next brunch or as a special breakfast for out of town guests.

Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. You can blanch it, roast it, grill it... so many options. Are you a fan of asparagus? Share your favorite recipe - I'm always on the hunt for new ones!

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Pam Ellingson - May 13, 2015
Mel, Next year you can harvest a few stalks (2-4) off each plant, then the next year you can harvest a few more(5-10), then the third year, harvest from when they start coming up until late May or early June (just leave enough new stalks to let the plants build up energy) Watch for Asparagus beetles though. You will love having your own fresh stalks to cook. :)
Melanie B - May 13, 2015
Pam that looks yummy. I planted asparagus in my garden this year. A few sprigs have come up so far, but I let them go to seed this year. I guess it will be another year or two before I can harvest it. I can't wait.
Pam Ellingson - May 13, 2015
I guess the comment I made has disappeared from the column. I was just saying that I love asparagus so much I planted it in my garden a couple of years ago. Been harvesting for almost a month and it has provided my sister and me with some nice bunches. Perfect for one of my favorite salads..... Green and Gold Salad
Congratulations to all the featured recipes this week!! Get pickin' and get cookin'.