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Bacon Mushroom Noodle Casserole

After so much cold weather, I know I'm looking for a bit of comfort food. And, if you're like me, casseroles become your go-to dinner at this time of year.

Sounds like Jessica Silva feels the same way I do. "I am always in the mood for some comfort food," shares Jessica. "And, for me, that includes a nice, warm creamy casserole." You really taste the bacon and mushrooms in Jessica's comforting Bacon Mushroom Noodle Casserole. She put a wonderful twist on her mom's tuna noodle casserole and it came out great! I bet the family will go back for seconds of this dinner.

"Comfort food at it finest," is how Kimberly Kolligs describes her Alfredo Tornado Casserole. Alfredo sauce is always great. But the addition of bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and spices, really kicked it up a few notches. If you have any leftovers (which you probably won't!) this would be great for lunch the next day.

Who's ready for some creamy deliciousness? Jenny Unternaher's Chicken Primavera is one fabulous go-to casserole. "Everyone loves this creamy pasta dotted with colorful veggies," shares Jenny. Jenny uses a combination of yellow and green peppers for her family, but customize this based on what yours likes. I think squash, mushrooms or broccoli would work great too. It's a great casserole for a quick and easy weekday meal.

It seems like everyone's mom had a recipe for tuna casserole. If you're looking to revamp your recipe, take a look at Kellie Simpson's Tuna Supremo. This scrumptiously decadent recipe takes tuna casserole to a whole other plane. "I was tired of the same old tuna casserole so I combined a couple of recipes," shares Kellie. This recipe will convert any non tuna casserole lover into a fan!

With 15,000 pinches, Dana Moore's Baked Chicken and Dumplins is a huge hit with JustAPinch.com members. "I wanted chicken and dumplins for supper but I didn't want to go through the hassle of making the dough for the dumplins and I also wanted to be able to put it in the oven," explains Dana. "So, I came up with this and it came out pretty good I think." Patience is a virtue with this super yummy dish. Let it sit for a bit after completing the final step, and the end result will be wonderfully creamy.

A personal favorite recipe of mine is Eddie Jordan's Cavatini. I remember having something similar years ago and have fond memories of savoring every bite. This hearty dish is a great way to use up all the boxes of partially used pastas hiding in the cupboard!

Whether you're looking for an idea for dinner or needing something for a pot luck, take a look at these casseroles. Or, create your own recipe using items you have on hand. The sky is really the limit with what you can make!

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Millie Johnson - Feb 22, 2015
^^^^^ The next time I bake a ham Twinkle, I will use the leftovers to make your casserole !!! YUM
T G - Feb 22, 2015
This is one of my favorites: HAM AND POTATO CASSEROLE
Andy Anderson ! - Feb 20, 2015
Rose M. Helle - Feb 20, 2015
Figured out how to edit the recipe already posted. Thank you.
Andy Anderson ! - Feb 20, 2015
Rose, if you edit your main recipe it will make the changes to anywhere the recipe is posted including groups.
Rose M. Helle - Feb 20, 2015
Question:is there a way to edit a recipe once it has been posted and shared with my group?

Rose M. Helle
Curious Cuisiners
The Villages, FL
Millie Johnson - Feb 20, 2015
I LOVE casseroles ! These two are my favorites...
Garlicy Chicken Casserole and Savory Smoked Sausage and Potatoes
Pat Goff - Feb 18, 2015
Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. It is very stressful for me to find recipes that I can cook for my brothers. I used to love cooking but now I hate it. One has Crohns and won't eat certain foods and one has mental challenges and won't eat certain foods. Finding something I can feed both of them is really challenging and frustrating. I love finding recipes that are easy (I have to come home and fix dinner after a long day at work) and something they will eat. I do sneak cream of mushroom soup in recipes but they have to not stand out (like with hamburger) or Frank won't eat it. Thank you again.