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Heavenly Hamburgers Fresh Off the Grill

Thedford Byrum's Juiciest Hamburger Ever

Hamburgers are a summertime staple for my family. And while they're certainly good all year 'round, there's just nothing like a hot, juicy burger straight off an outdoor grill. Am I right?

In my quest for the perfect burger, I usually start with a good coating of oil on the grill's cooking grate. Now, I've had folks recommend using a cooking spray for this, but that makes me a little nervous; I tend to stick with the tried-and-true method of rubbing the grate with an oiled paper towel.

Once things are all oiled-up, I allow the grill to preheat on high. Beyond that, it all comes down to the quality of your meat and the flavor of your seasoning. Member Thedford Byrum knows this all too well, and has done gone and perfected his recipe for the Juiciest Hamburgers Ever. That's right, EVER!

"This is so easy and so simple," explains Thedford. "If you are a hamburger lover like my family and I are, you will love this."

Truer words have never been spoken. Thedford's easy, easy method for balancing flavor and moisture is so simple that even a novice patty-maker can whip up a surefire hit. He combines everyday seasonings, good quality hamburger meat and a fair amount of water to turn out juicy, classic burgers every time.

Gary Hancq of Port Byron, IL offers up some tasty burger bites of his own with his recipe for Biff's Bleu Cheese Burgers. Now, we're not sure who Biff is, but we sure do like his style! These basic burgers are transformed on the plate by the addition of ample bleu cheese and deliciously dark pumpernickel bread.

It is thanks to grillmasters like Thedford and Gary that my grill is smokin' like never before! They are proof that our picnic plates don't have to be ordinary; and, in fact, nothing tastes better than a shot of kitchen creativity.

Finish off your menu with Maven Argyle's Mini Hamburger Cookies and you'll be in hamburger heaven!

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sallie allen - Jun 27, 2014
Is that amount of water for real or a typeo. I love juicy burgers and want to try this but first make sure it is for real. Sure looks good. I want one know
Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal - Jun 5, 2014
The water help also with my meatballs! Love this!!
Rose O'Connell - Aug 4, 2010
Nothing better than a good juicy hamburger!