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Christmas Cookies Create Lasting Memories

Christmas Wishing Cookies

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. My town is decorated with wreathes and lights and my house looks like Dickens' Village with all my decorations I have out. And, I LOVE Christmas cookies.

Not only do I enjoy eating them, I love reading the stories behind the recipes. I find that so many Christmas recipes have lovely memories.

"There were Christmases, when I just didn't have the time to bake loads of cookies. But even during those 'slim cookie' years, I always made Wishing Cookies," reminisces Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin. "They are, by far, my family's favorites." These tasty cookies made the Test Kitchen smell wonderful on a cool fall morning. The blend of spices and molasses made these similar to a gingerbread cookie. There's a wonderful story behind them too. "If the cookie breaks into three pieces and you can eat all three pieces without saying a word, you get to make a wish," explains Joanne. I made my wish!

"As a child, we always made a four hour drive to spend the Christmas week at grandmother Nicky's house," says Caroline Reznicek. "She always had wonderful things baked for us kids and the thing I looked forward to sinking my teeth into the most was her Sand Tart cookies." I think it's special to share family recipes at the holiday's. You bite into the cookies and remember wonderful times. Caroline's sand tarts are a really tasty, light cookie. With a delicate lemon flavor they are both refreshing and addictive.

The base for Noelle Myers Cranberry Eggnog Cookies with Orange Dream Glaze comes from her great-great-great grandmother and is over 200 years old. With that kind of history, you know these are gonna be good. After one bite, I knew these would be a great addition to my cookie tray. "These cookies are among my most requested for the Christmas holidays," says Noelle. "They are Christmas in a cookie, with the bright cranberries, and decadent eggnog flavors they have won over the pickiest of cookie connoisseurs." From the soft cookie and the pecans to the orange, cranberry and eggnog flavors, this is one impressive (and flavorful) cookie!

The almonds and almond extract add lovely flavor to Marsha Gardner's Moreish Cookies with Jam. "Deliciously crisp with a tasty dab of jam in the middle, these are what the British call moreish," explains Marsha. "You cannot eat just one. I dare you to try!" These cookies aren't overly sweet and perfect for someone with a slight sweet tooth. And will round out your cookie tray nicely.

Mary Ann Thompson's Orange Blossom Balls are an easy and delicious! "My mother always made these at Christmas when I was a kid," shares Mary Ann. "I liked helping her make them because it was so good to snitch a bite or two!" The orange juice, nuts and coconuts combine for a flavor punch. And, they're just adorable.

Before Santa arrives, create memories with your family and bake a few of these scrumptious cookies. Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie? Make sure to share your recipe!

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Kim Biegacki - Dec 8, 2014
Pat, I really want to try making your Frosted Snowballs over the holidays. THey look amazing and I love cherries in dessert recipes.
Paula Todora - Dec 4, 2014
I intend on making those Wishing Cookies. Christmas baking is my favorite thing to do!
Rose Mary Mogan - Dec 3, 2014
I truly enjoy making cookies and sharing them during the Christmas Holiday. One of my all time favorites is the Lady Rose's White Fruit Cake Cookies but I also love the Cheesecake Bars then I garnish the top of them with Red & green Cherries. For my husbands job I like to make Chocolate Dipped Cookies/Nut Fingers and the NO BAKE PEANUT BUTTER BONBONS are always a big hit. Then of course this easy Kolachkie recipe is always everyone's Favorite fruit filled cookie Kolachkies by Lady Rose and for the chocolate lovers I enjoy making for my very special Friends, because of the cost ,is the MACADAMIA NUTTY WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and for my daughter Briana she loves the ONE BOWL COCONUT MACAROONS then for my diabetic neighbors I have the SPLENDA BLEND CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and always let them know that they are not TOTALLY SUGAR FREE, BUT LOWER IN SUGAR, and they do love and enjoy them. It is a special time that I enjoy sharing with others even the Butcher at the Local market where I shop. They always seem to enjoy and appreciate them.
Arlene Delloro - Dec 2, 2014
One of my favorite cookies to bake for Christmas is the rainbow cookie. Not only is it pretty, but the combination of almond, chocolate, and raspberry hits all my favorite taste notes.
Straws Kitchen - Dec 2, 2014
These are on the list for some of my favs, not just for CHRISTmas but anytime of the year♥

Cin's been baking cookies..."Chocolate Crinkles"
Melanie B - Dec 2, 2014
Kim. I just love your Chocolate Crunch Cookies with Peanut Butter. I have dipped them in white and brown chocolate and decorated them up for every occasion. They are awesome.

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Kim Biegacki - Dec 2, 2014
I too LOVE Christmas and the homemade cookies are at the top of the list for me. It's one reason I love having my annual Sweets & Treats Exchange that will include a cookie group, sweet bread group and fudge group with about 30 women or so.

The number one hands down cookie/candy that I must make at Christmas for our family is Famous Ohio Buckeyes! Reminiscent of my Grandmother's love is the Butterscotch Haystacks and Oatmeal Scotchies. As for the chewy and delicious picks there are the Brown Sugar Coconut Cookies, Soft Molasses Sugar Cookies and the Butterscotch Cheesecake Bars. 2 more very traditional cookies that I must make for the Christmas season are Grandma Sharon's Mexican Wedding Cakes & Chocolate Crunch Cookies with Peanut Butter in all different flavors and last but not least is the beloved flavors of eggnog in Eggnog Spritz Cookies with Eggnog Rum Glaze and the MOST exquisite taste of Gingered Cranberry Orange Balls that is divine! All in all, as you can see I too love Christmas and the Christmas cookies are just one of remembrances of days gone by and days present as we make new traditions too.
Teresa G - Dec 2, 2014
My favorite Christmas cookie is SNOWBALL COOKIES
However, I am going to try some of the cookies that you've suggested and maybe I'll find a close second! Merry Christmas, everyone!