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Bacon, The Star Ingredient in These Flavorful Recipes

Bacon Baklava

Growing up, my mom would cook a big breakfast every Saturday morning. I would awake to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying - and I loved it. We would be completely full, but if there was a piece of bacon left on a plate it was a race to see who got the last piece.

I think those wonderful breakfasts started my love affair with bacon. And, looking around JustAPinch.com, it seems like a few members may love bacon recipes as much as me!

"Just imagine waking up in a house filled with the smell of a yeast risen coffeecake that has been filled with bacon and apples and glazed with creamy maple syrup," says Donna Bardocz. Her Bacon-Loaded Apple Maple Coffeecake is one impressive breakfast. The combination of apples and bacon is divine. It's a scrumptious special occasion recipe I couldn't get enough.

Pauline Greenwood's Bacon Breakfast Bake is a great breakfast casserole to serve if you have overnight guests. It's very easy to prepare and keeps you out of the kitchen so you can spend time with your company. "This is perfect for when you're in the mood for a heavier, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast," shares Pauline. The next time I make this I am going to use French bread and add a bit more bacon. Everything is better with a bit more bacon.

"My mom has made these my entire life and they always bring back memories of childhood," reminisces Candace Breaux. "My kids and their friends used to beg me to make them." I think you'll really enjoy the sweet and savory that's in every bite of these Kooky Breakfast Cookies. These aren't overly sweet and you can definitely taste the bacon in each bite. The perfect on-the-go breakfast.

Bacon's not only for breakfast anymore. It's being incorporated into main meals, side dishes and even desserts!

"There is no better scalloped potatoes then these," says Cindy McCallum of her Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon. The Gruyere and Swiss cheese add to this cheesy goodness. There's not a thing in the world that could improve on this creamy, satisfying recipe... except maybe adding even more bacon.

Brussels sprouts are a misunderstood veggie. If prepared properly, they are wonderful. And, Michelle Wolf's Bacon Bleu Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Sauce recipe is perfect. "This is delicious and a side dish that is gone the minute I get it to the table," says Michelle. The bacon, along with the bleu cheese, adds great flavor to this side. When your family digs into these, I can guarantee these won't last long on your table.

Meatloaf is a comfort food classic and Cindy Ferguson puts a wonderful Autumn twist on her Apple Bacon Meatloaf recipe. I've seen recipes where bacon is added to the top of a meatloaf. But, I love how Cindy adds bacon and apples into the meat. She tops it with a lovely glaze made from apple butter and barbecue sauce. "I did some experimenting in the kitchen today," says Cindy. "This turned out to be a great hit with the whole family!" I love getting into the kitchen and playing with ingredients. Something special always comes of it!

"Everyone knows the salty, smoky, rich flavor of bacon goes great with the addition of a heavy sweetness like brown sugar or molasses," says Cheryl Miller. "I was more curious than anything else in developing this sweet and bacony baklava!" The sweet and savory combination in Cheryl's Bacon Baklava is amazing and very impressive. This baklava is a wonderful dessert... and would make a sweet start to the day too.

The next time you're playing around in the kitchen, see how you can incorporate bacon to your favorite dishes. We'd love to know what you come up with!

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Straws Kitchen - Oct 22, 2014
SavePinch to your JAP file or recipe box.
Michael D. Old Turtle - Oct 22, 2014
I'm new to this. I've pinched a number of recipes. Now I have to ofigure how to seperate them into different places. Any hints?
Straws Kitchen - Oct 21, 2014
Take it from someone who has been know as "THE BACON QUEEN"........everything is better with BACONā™„
Jennifer S - Oct 21, 2014
On Sunday I was frying thick sliced bacon to start lentil soup and just continued frying the rest of the pound. I decided to stuff boneless chicken breasts with crispy cooked bacon and a slice of mozzarella cheese, breaded it and fryed it, topped it with more cheese and broiled it until melted. Needless to say none left..............Who doesn't love bacon, makes everything better.