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New Step-By-Step Feature

Step-By-Step Button Makes Cooking Easier


We're always looking to enhance the site and add features to help you in the kitchen. Today, you may have noticed a green Step-By-Step button next to directions in recipes. And, you may be wondering what it is. Well... it's a new feature we're pretty excited about!

When you click on the green Step-By-Step button, a window will pop-up with Step 1 of the recipe (along with photos if available). Click next and you'll go to Step 2 of the recipe. No more forgetting where you were in the recipe. All you have to do is look at your screen and you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

Want to check off the ingredients after you've added them? You can! Just click Show Ingredients. Now, you'll see all the ingredients along with the instructions. How cool is that?

And, as you add ingredients, can cross them off by clicking on the ingredient. I know I sometimes get sidetracked in the kitchen (and am sure you do too). This feature will help us remember what steps we've already completed. No more asking ourselves "Did I add that?"

You can also mark off the ingredients and directions from the recipe itself.

And, this can be done from any device - computer, tablet or smartphone - which is great since we all access our recipes differently.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and have a great weekend!

-The Kitchen Crew

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naomi goulart - Sep 15, 2014
Roda Laser - Sep 15, 2014
I like the green step by step button. It is one of the best features of JAP yet! Keep up the good work.
Bob Cooney - Sep 15, 2014
Sallye ... hehehehe You are starting to sound like me Lol !!!!!

Love ya !
Kathy W - Sep 14, 2014
I like the newest features! A great addition!
Diane Hopson Smith - Sep 14, 2014
Loving all the new features!
Bonnie ^O^ - Sep 14, 2014
Brilliant idea!
Carol White - Sep 14, 2014
I really love the changes. I will use this format when writing my recipes. Supplying a photo with each step.
TERRI OPGENORTH - Sep 14, 2014
Yeah! Went without a hitch this time...
TERRI OPGENORTH - Sep 14, 2014
Thanks! It was right there at the top of the ingredients box. Perhaps it was a fluke...I will try again now. Thanks for the quick response!
Sherri Williams - Sep 14, 2014
Great enhancement!
Kitchen Crew - Sep 14, 2014
Hi @Terrio13, The "Step-By-Step" button is for completed recipes and should not have been visible when creating or editing a recipe. We've updated the site, so please try posting again -- We look forward to seeing your new recipe!
TERRI OPGENORTH - Sep 14, 2014
I am having trouble posting a recipe today. The "step by step" button doesnt load and if I try to do it the usual way I get a pop-up that says "there are incomplete items on this page" and it wont do anything or save what I have typed.
I hope you get this Janet...I really wanted to get that recipe up today! Thanks!
Gail Ronches - Sep 14, 2014
This sounds good, looking forward to trying it. But I am having a problem loading the button to add recipes from other websites. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong this time. I had it before and my computer tech took it off by mistake. Can anyone help me?
Teresa G - Sep 12, 2014
I like it! I especially love being able to check off the ingredients as they're used. Good job!
Carol Junkins - Sep 12, 2014
Well that sounds great and sure makes it easier for us !