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Access Just A Pinch Anywhere, at Anytime, on Any Device... No App Needed, No Download Required!

Desktop? Tablet? Phone? No problem!

Hi Y'all!

Not too long ago, we made some changes to Just A Pinch. Those were the first steps in providing our loyal members with an improved user experience. Well, the Kitchen Crew has been hard at work. We're thrilled to announce you can now access everything you love about Just A Pinch from any device - your home computer, tablet or smartphone!

At first glance things may look the same on your desktop. But once you grab your tablet or smartphone and start playing around, the fun starts to happen! Did you take a photo of your dinner and want to post it (with the recipe) from your smartphone? No problem, you can easily do that. On your tablet and want to chat with others? Go ahead and log in ... you can! In the grocery store and want to check out a recipe from your recipe box? Not a problem - it's a tap away.

So how did we do it?

Well, we've tucked a few things away. On your home computer, you'll still see our usual navigation (Recipes, Community, My Kitchen, Janet's Notebook, etc). But now, on a tablet or smartphone, a new menu will help you navigate. Click on the menu icon and it will expand.

nav on mobile

Also, the breadcrumb bar (yes, this is a real technical term for the sub-navigational bar!) will help you navigate back to where you previously were much easier.

breadcrumb and sub-nav on mobile

Looking for your utensil drawer? We moved that into your profile picture. Just click on your profile pic to find all things you! You can post a recipe, go to your recipe box, check out your groups, follow your favorite cooks and much, much more.

What else has changed?

The recipe box has been simplified. And, you can now access it from your tablet and smartphone. If you log in from your home computer, you'll notice a much cleaner format. If you're a Premium Perks member, you can now Pinch a recipe directly to your folders letting you organize your recipe box in a snap.

Our eyes are getting older, so we've made fonts a little easier to read, increased the size of buttons and added "white space" to the overall design. We think this will help make the site more readable for everyone.

Many of you have said you'd like to be able to chat from your tablets and phones. Now you can! We've also updated the design for discussion groups in an easy-to-read format.

The only things that you cannot perform on your smartphone or tablet (today ...) that you can do on your home computer is build a cookbook, create a menu calendar and print coupons.

The core of Just A Pinch is you, the members and we want to deliver the best experience possible. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments area below. Other's may have the same question as you and everyone can learn together.

Let us know what you think!

-The Kitchen Crew

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Kitchen Crew - Mar 31, 2015
@Linda105 and @Lquest4754 send an email to help@justapinch.com with your question/issue and we'll walk you through the answer.

Anything technical, it's always best to email us directly so we can quickly help.
L L - Mar 31, 2015
Does not work on iPad either. No one has ever replied to this. I would really enjoy using.
Linda Wasko - Mar 31, 2015
I'm not able to add the "pinch it" button on my phone. Is there a certain way to do that? Thanks guys. Love Just a Pinch.
Joseph Di Ionna - Mar 30, 2015
Will there ever be an app?
L L - Mar 2, 2015
Your directions DO NOT work on IPAD 3. Perhaps there is a glitch. If not, then the directions may not be written in a way that is understandable to the users who are asking for an ap. I personally would prefer an ap for ease and speed of use.
Kitchen Crew - Mar 2, 2015
We're seeing members asking about an app and wanted to remind you that no app is needed! You can save Just A Pinch directly to your home screen ... then it's just a tap away.

If you're on an Android phone, using Chrome press the menu button. Then tap 'add to home screen' then hit 'and'. You'll now see the recipe box icon on your home screen.

If you're on an Apple product, simply go to Justapinch.com from Safari, then tap the box with the arrow pointing upward. Choose 'Add to Home Screen" and now you'll see the recipe box icon on your home screen.

Don't forget you can Pinch any recipe you like and save it to your Recipe Box. You can easily access your Recipe Box from your mobile device too!

Any issues, send an email to the help desk and we'll answer any questions - help@justapinch.com.
Mary R Morris - Mar 1, 2015
I would like a app also ,but I at this point save in my favorites on the phone ..But a app would be great ..
Kim Evans - Mar 1, 2015
I really wish this site would have an app I can download to my phone. Do you think in the future it will have an app. That would be awesome!
Mona Tranchina - Feb 7, 2015
Sounds great! I will try it on my tablet.
L L - Dec 28, 2014
Would REALLY LIKE to have an app. Do not understand what you are telling us at all.
Judy LB - Dec 28, 2014
With all the new changes, I am asking again, is there a chance that you may add the ability to print an alphabetical list of the recipes that we have saved? I have asked before but at the time it was not an option that was available.
Kim Thomas - Dec 20, 2014
I tried to find Just A Pinch on my iphone in the app store and couldn't find it. Is it called something else? I'd love to have the app. Thank you! Kim :)
R Hamilton - Dec 7, 2014
thanks , love new app!
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