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The Ultimate Back-to-School Time-Saver - Crescent Dough

Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars

I don't know about you, but back-to-school time is always hectic in my house. These days, I'm running to my grandson’s functions. But, I still remember taking my son to football games, swim practice, a friend's house, etc. I was always looking for recipes I could easily throw together.

One of the things I grew to love was crescent dough. You know ... you find it in a tube at the grocery store? I was always figuring out ways to make something quick with it. After searching on Justapinch.com, it looks like members have found great uses too!

Lora D.'s Crescent Breakfast Cups are the perfect on-the-go breakfast. We loved the mix of flavors and ingredients in this recipe. Bacon, eggs and cheese in bite sized (and portable) form. What's better than that?

Your taste buds will be woken up when you bite into Penny R.'s Sausage and Cheese Crescent Squares."This can be used as a breakfast dish or an appetizer - we love it both ways," says Penny. The heat of the pork sausage is a great way to start off your day. But, if you want something milder feel free to substitute. It's whatever makes your taste buds happy. And with only 4 ingredients it really couldn't get any easier.

Elaine Moretti's Miniature Meat Turnovers are a great snack idea. "I've been making these for over 40 years," shares Elaine. "They are really very easy to make." Depending on how many you need, you can easily double or triple the recipe. I think everyone will scoop these up fast!

In a pinch, you can quickly put together Jennifer Tennyson's Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels with items you probably have in your fridge. These are fast, easy and really tasty! They'd also be great to serve alongside a bowl of soup. Easy dinner in a flash.

"This is a wonderful vegetable dish," is how Shirley Schiavone describes her very savory Zucchini Crescent Casserole. This is a great way to use extra zucchini and sneak some veggies into dinner. The herb cheese spread, seasoning and vegetables combine together to give great flavor. The crescent rolls creates a nice crust and makes this recipe pretty easy to whip up!

Blue ribbon winner - and guaranteed to be a winner in your house too - is Gail Herbest's Antipasto Squares. "A cross between antipasto and deep dish pizza," explains Gail. "Cut into small squares for an appetizer or larger squares for a main dish." This is the type of dish that's so good it will haunt you ... to the point where you find yourself having eaten the whole pan. A quick trip to the deli counter and you've got a great dinner.

And let's not forget about something sweet! Amber Moon's Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars are a recipe everyone will enjoy for breakfast, dessert or an after-school treat. "My mom now requires me to make these for her birthday while the kids ask for them all the time," adds Amber. "The butter, lemon curd, juice and sugar can all be tweaked to your liking." We loved the creamy filling in this dish. And the crunchy sugar topping is perfect and adds the right about of sweetness. Super and simple!

Have you noticed a theme with these recipes? They're all easy! Which is exactly what we need on a busy day. Open the fridge and grab a tube of crescent dough. I'd love to hear what recipe you create.

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Sharon Colyer - Aug 25, 2014
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Susan Feliciano - Aug 23, 2014
The other day I found Pillsbury GLUTEN-FREE doughs in the refrigerator section. I have a couple of friends with Celiac disease who cannot tolerate regular wheat dough, so this is a real help when I go to pot luck dinners - I just substitute it for things like quiche crust, and all recipes with Crescent dough.
Sharon Colyer - Aug 23, 2014
I am happy to say, that all of my issues seem to be corrected. But, I thought that 3 days ago too. And, then it all quit working again. I hope it will stay fixed this time! Thanks.
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AM Perks - Aug 20, 2014
How disappointed I was to see that this was just MORE links to delicious foods using pre-made (expensive) crescent dough. I was hoping this was a recipe to make that delightful pastry from scratch so we could use it for all of those delightful recipes.
Janie Frey - Aug 19, 2014
Okay and thank you! I must of missed that change; so easy. I appreciate your prompt attention! "To Your Best health and Beauty"! Janie :-)
Rose O'Connell - Aug 19, 2014
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Janie Frey - Aug 19, 2014
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Sharon Colyer - Aug 19, 2014
Kathy, I left you a note on Welcome Wagon. :)
kathy carneal - Aug 19, 2014
With a really sad last 9 months due to illnesses and family health issues I lost contact with Just a Pinch.
One sleepless night (like tonight) I started remembering how happy this website made me think and feel. I remember how I loved reading comments and even though I did not know the people who submitted the recipes I felt I did.

Then the next dilemma--could not remember website name. After remembering a store that had used this website I looked on Internet and found information I needed. How excited I am even if it is 3:37 a.m.

Now the fun is beginning looking and cooking these recipes!

Thank you!
Kathy Carneal