Janet's Notebook
We've Tweaked a Few Things ...

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, a couple of weeks ago we rolled out changes to incorporate enhancements requested by members. We've carefully been watching everyone's comments and requests. You folks are the best! After reviewing the input, we want to let you know about updates we've made based on your feedback.

Bigger & Better: We've made the notification icons a little bigger and added a splash of color.

New Heart Icon: We've separated your favorite cooks' activities. Now, you can easily see when your favorite cooks post recipes, add cookbooks, etc. by clicking on the new heart icon (located in the upper right part of any page).

Notification Counts: You will still see numbers next to the notification icons. However, now they will stay until you've read each item or marked them as read. A red number means something new has happened since you last checked.

Email Notifications: If you've chosen to get email notifications, you should be receiving emails in your inbox when favorite cooks add recipes and cookbooks, comments are added to discussions, you are sent personal messages, etc. (To reduce redundancy, we had eliminated sending these emails when you may have already viewed certain sections on the site. This was requested by a number of members, but the majority of users wanted it to remain so we've added it back in.)

We know some are asking why we made these changes. First, we receive suggestions/feedback all the time and try to incorporate enhancements as possible. Second, members access Just A Pinch from multiple devices now - home computers, tablets and smartphones. We've made these requested changes in a new functional design to allow us to launch, shortly, an optimal viewing experience across all platforms. (Yes, we want to deliver much of the function you get on a PC for tablets and smartphones.)

The core of the Just A Pinch community is YOU - the home cooks. We thank you for being loyal members!

Happy Pinching!
-The Kitchen Crew

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Gail Elwood - Aug 7, 2014
Thanks for what ya'll do. I love this site.
Fran Whittle - Aug 7, 2014
AHHHH! Another reason I love Just A Pinch!
Terrie Romano - Jul 25, 2014
Love the tweaks, and the website in general. I'm so glad I found you!!
Connie Brannen - Jul 18, 2014
Great Changes.
Trudi White - Jul 13, 2014
Every lil' thing helps! ..... Thank you! :)
sudie vacek - Jul 12, 2014
Luv the update! Thanks!!!
Sallie Gill - Jul 10, 2014
The bigger and colorful icons make the much better and more enjoyable.
Lee Lee - Jul 7, 2014
These changes/updates are all well lb and good, but when are you going to add
calorie count on each recipe. You know nutrition al facts!.?
Beverly Harding - Jul 1, 2014
How do I get the JAP on my toolbar?
Jacky Friedman - Jun 28, 2014
Thank you for the great updates.
Kitchen Crew - Jun 27, 2014
@ Linda ... make sure your notifications are turned on. To check them, go to the Utensil Drawer, Click Account Settings then Email Notifications. Make sure the boxes are checked to receive emails and/or notifications.

The Kitchen Crew
Linda Moloney - Jun 27, 2014
For some reason I have not been receiving any recipes of the day for awhile.
Lynette Holder - Jun 26, 2014
The changes are great! Love the colors! Many thanks!
Kitchen Crew - Jun 23, 2014
Kathy and Lynn ... you do need to have a profile picture to be considered for a blue ribbon. But you don't need to have a photo of your recipe posted. You can go here and read a little more about blue ribbons - justapinch.com/kitchen/blue-ribbons

- The Kitchen Crew
cheryl benore - Jun 23, 2014
Awesome thank you very much!! This makes everything a lot easier!