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Burgers Up!

Irish Cheddar Juicy Lucy

Things are heating up at my house ... and I'm not talking about the outside temperature. It's my backyard grill!

To celebrate the arrival of one of my favorite seasons, I plan on grilling up a bunch of burgers. Not sure which one will be the first, but here are a few recipes on my short list.

Stormi Choate always has requests to make her Buffalo Cheeseburger, Crunchified. "We love burgers but not just a plain burger," says Stormi. "We also love hot wings, so the thought of both together only made my mouth water more." The spiciness of this recipe is just right! The burger has a truly unique flavor that the Crew and I took to immediately. We had mixed reactions to the chips on top... some of the Crew preferred them on the side. With or without the chips, this is one tasty burger.

We love how Freda Gable incorporates the flavor of bacon right into her Bacon Cheeseburgers to Die For themselves. "My husband is a fan of bacon cheeseburgers, but he doesn't like all the fat and grease," explains Freda. "So I decided to experiment and this is what I came up with!" We opted to use the beef broth (she recommends in the recipe) and each burger turned out perfectly moist and savory. Next time I may try adding more kinds of cheeses. That's always a good idea, right?! Enjoy.

Anthony Nicometi Jr. used Irish Cheddar in his Irish Cheddar Juicy Lucy, but you can customize the cheese to your taste. "A Juicy Lucy is basically a cheeseburger except the cheese is on the inside," explains Anthony. "It's A LOT of burger!" This burger made me a total fan of Irish cheese. The Worcestershire and the mustard, along with the cheese, gave this burger so much flavor. Have a few napkins on hand when you bite into this one!

"I just LOVE Thai food so I wanted to create a burger that had that wonderful Thai flavor," says Leah Stacey. Well, her Thai Smile Burger is classic burger yumminess with tons of bold exotic flavor! The broccoli slaw and cilantro-lime mayo are divine and is a great twist on a traditional burger.

Burger's don't always have to be with ground beef. Chicken burgers are a great alternative.

And, if you grill-up Dana Beavers' Grilled Chicken Patty you can sneak some veggies onto your kids' plates. There are vegetables cooked within each patty, lending tons of additional flavor and keeping the meat moist. "This is one of my dad’s FAVORITE chicken burgers and trust me he is a tough cookie," shares Dana. This dish has my approval too - yum!

Lets not leave out vegetarians when grilling. Tasha Kaye's Vegan Black Bean Veggie Burgers is a "burger" that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will enjoy. These patties are chock full of flavor and have a very pleasant consistency. I like to top mine with some horseradish and just a bit of mustard. Mmmmmm...

For me, it has been a very long winter and I'm happy that the weather is getting warmer. I love a good burger, and they ALWAYS seem to be better off the grill. Don't you think? Tonight, fire up the grill and see what burgers you come up with!

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Lisa Foote - May 15, 2014
Burgers and summer! I can't wait to try some of these- especially those with a little spice added! We like a little kick in our burgers! This is a great collection of recipes!
Colleen Sowa - May 14, 2014
Love all the burgers! xo
LOUISE BAILEY - May 14, 2014
HAHAHAHA greetings from Australia, where it is beginning to get cold. We think it is cold anyway about 22 degrees for our winter temp, nothing like the freezing weather you have.
Paula Todora - May 13, 2014
I love grilled burgers, and these all look delicious-I'm pretty partial to that Buffalo Cheeseburger Crunchified-love the idea of kettle chips on a burger-gotta try it! Thanks for the great article, once again!