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It's Fiesta Time!

Cinco de Mayo Burger

I love to throw a party. Family in town, the holidays, it's staying light later ... you name it, I've probably created a reason to have a party for it. Next up, Cinco de Mayo! I am a huge fan of Mexican food, so this gives me an excuse to make dishes right up my taste buds alley.

It's always fun to serve different themed cocktails that suit the parties' theme. Grace Pulley's Pomegranate Margarita is a twist on the traditional margarita. "Love pomegranates... [and] the juice was great for one of my favorite drinks," explains Grace. Don't have fresh pomegranates? No problem, a little bit of store bought juice will work just fine. Once I tried pomegranate in a margarita, this became my new favorite drink.

Burgers are big in my household. And, Linda Dalton's Cinco de Mayo Burger is perfect for a party! This burger has a slight kick to it that I really like. And using corn tortillas as a bun? Who would have thought! "This is certainly not an authentic Mexican dish," says Linda, "but muy delicioso!" Yummy indeed. Adjust the heat to suit your taste. For me, the spicier the better.

Speaking of spicy, Missy Wimpelberg's Guacamole Recipe is NOT for the faint of heart, but it sure is delicious. "If you like your guacamole with a little kick, this is the one for you," says Missy. "Little kick" may be an understatement. I'd let your guests know about the heat factor. I bet they are going to love the fresh taste of the lime juice and Serrano pepper. Next time I make this guacamole, I'm doubling the recipe.

No fiesta is complete without chips and salsa. Juliann Esquivel's Mexican Red Table Salsa (Salsa Roja de Mesa Mejicana) is a very traditional salsa recipe that dates back for generations and will add something special to your Mexican fiesta. "This salsa dates back to my great grandmother's time - I am sure even further back," says Juliann. If a recipe has withstood time, it must be good (and this one is!).

Shawn Chant's Salsa Fresca is another great recipe. "[This is best] refrigerated for at least an hour so the flavors can meld," explains Shawn. I can't imagine anyone NOT liking this. With a medium kick and lots of fresh veggies, this salsa is a crowd pleaser.

Wings are a staple at my parties and I like to switch up the flavors based on the theme. This year, I'll be adding Sandy Mika's Tequila Lime Sauce to my wings. "I decided to play around because I didn't care for [another] recipe my husband was using," explains Sandy. Sandy developed a sauce with wonderful flavor. Besides wings, you could top other meats with this tasty sauce. Finger-licking good!

Planing a party can be time consuming, but planning the menu doesn't need to be! These recipes are easy to throw together, giving you more time with guests (which is really what the nights about!). I'm curious, what type of parties are you getting ready to throw? And more importantly what's going to be on your menu?!

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barb farkas - May 22, 2014
Thanks Linda! I'll look for the family approved logo
Linda Dalton - May 22, 2014
Well barb, look for the "I tried this recipe and it's family approved" logo on the recipes you're wanting to try. And anything with a blue ribbon has been tested by the kitchen crew, and they are knowledgeable cooks and have actually made the recipe. Hope that helps and welcome to the site.
barb farkas - May 18, 2014
Hi all! , I'm new here so I might be in the wrong place for this. I love this site, but is there a place I can go to get actual reviews of a recipe. It's seems the reviews on the actual recipe are just nice people, saying nice things but have not really tried the recipe in most cases. Not being a great cook, I rely heavily on reviews of recipes. And everything here looks so darn good! Lol
Pam De Luca - May 1, 2014
if ant of you are Canadian do NOT attempt to get the coupons as they are ONLY good for USA and when you down load the required coupon printer it takes over your internet home page and you can NOT delete it . the recipes are great but the add ons are trecherous
Colleen Sowa - May 1, 2014
Sign into your account, at the top of the page by your photo is a recipe box icon, click on that, click on my recipes, when the new page appears.... click on the red button "Post A Recipe".

The site is set up with all you need to post a recipe and add photos. If you need any more help... feel free to contact me!

You should post a photo of yourself instead of the one by your name... so if you win a blue ribbon, you will get credit for it, have to have a photo of yourself in order to get your blue ribbons...

Best wishes and good luck! ox
cheri Carraway - May 1, 2014
How do I submit a recipe?
Melanie B - Apr 29, 2014
Thanks Kathy. A taco bar sounds like a great idea. You can have so many different items for everyone to mix and match.
Good to see you post. I haven't seen you on here for awhile.
Kathy Snoeberger - Apr 29, 2014
My son is graduating next month and wants to have a Mexican themed party for his graduation. Looking for ideas to serve 150 to 200 people. Thought about a taco bar. Melanie, I'm going to try your guacamole for sure! I've tried many of your recipes since mixing bowl!
Linda Dalton - Apr 29, 2014
Thanks Janet for sharing my recipe again. I might make my burgers this year and add some of Juliann's Red Table Salsa. That is gooood stuff!
Colleen Sowa - Apr 29, 2014
Love this !!! xo