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Hi All,

We wanted to reach out to everyone because we have seen some buzz around the changes to Just A Pinch. We wanted to walk you through a few of them ... so many of the things you love ARE still here!

Members have posted comments within discussion groups and reached out to Suzie in Customer Service directly about what they would like to see on Just A Pinch. We've taken those suggestions and feedback and spruced things up.

Notifications Yes, there is a new look. But your Utensil Drawer is still here - just reorganized a bit. Click on the Utensil Drawer (top right of the screen next to your name), and you can easily post a recipe, access your Recipe Box, go to recipes you posted and more.

Click on the My Kitchen tab and you can access your profile, recipe box, cookbooks, conversations and notifications. For Premium Perks members, you'll also see your menu calendar and grocery list.

NavigationYou've probably noticed that the navigation tab stays with you when you scroll down a screen now. We've heard from many, many members that they want to jump from section to section a little easier. This new feature means you can easily be within Recipes and click over to Janet's Notebook to read the latest post.

Stay up-to-date about when new recipes are added by your favorite cooks, discussions are started in your groups and when new comments are added from the new Notifications page.

Click on the globe in the upper right corner of the site and you'll see a summary of your notifications. You can click on a specific notification and be taken right to that post. Or, if you click 'See All,' you'll be taken to a page that summarizes everything by day. Not sure what you've read or not read? Anything you have not read will be gray ... things you have read will be white.

The big thing everyone has been asking us for is group messaging. We've combined what you love about the post office and chat into a single new Conversation.

Conversations You can start a new Conversation by clicking on the thought bubble at the upper right corner of the screen. Click New Conversation, then start typing in the names of the person or people you'd like to chat with. Type away, hit send and you've started a group chat! Part of a chat you don't want to be included on. You can easily leave a chat by clicking on the red arrow and then leave conversation. You can add people rename the conversation or clear all messages here too.

We see many of you asking why we've made these changes. Well, we know that you aren't just using a computer to access Just A Pinch anymore. These days, you're visiting us from your tablets and mobile devices too.

We want to make sure when you visit us on your mobile device, you can do everything that you can on your computer. These enhancements are the first steps in enabling you to have the best possible user experience on JustAPinch.com from all mobile devices. The new mobile/tablet capabilities will be out very soon.

We'd love to know what you think!
-The Kitchen Crew

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Dee * - Apr 27, 2014
Being on an iPad I would appreciate that the three symbols to the right top of the page be larger. It can be a bit of a challenge to tap such tiny objects so close together.

Thank You in Advance.
Russ Myers - Apr 24, 2014
I must agree with all the comments noted here. I also have had issues with the newly designed systems. I have contacted (help@justapinch.com) for a couple issues which were promply addressed.

If I may, I would suggest an announcement be made to the members prior to any major changes to the system, it would kinda ease the shock.

We all recogonize the fact this is your site, however, I don't think it would be as successful without the paid members.
Kathy Griffin - Apr 22, 2014
We need a like button, sometimes you like a comment someone said and want to let them know without having to type in oh hey I like what you said
Patty Bronson - Apr 22, 2014
With this new format I have some how been dropped from receiving the emails in my Outlook mail box. I'm not sure if I need to change something with Outlook??


Patty Bronson
Vernette Coleman - Apr 21, 2014
Good Morning,
I have thought long and hard about the "new look of JAP". I can say this I don't like it one little bit. Everything and the top of the site is just too small print and I hate the symbols where there used to be words. The small print is to small and I have trouble seeing the words. I have glasses with bifocals and you would not believe how I have to raise my head up in order to see.
JAP HAS LOST the cozy homey feel that I have fallen in love with. It was almost like coming home to grandma's house.
I will get one about once a week to check everything out. I used to be one 2 to 3 times a day. But not any longer.
This is to the PERSON OR GROUPS OF people who decided this change was GOOD for all of us. Well I can honestly tell you wasn't needed. I like JAP just the way it was.
Connie Ottman - Apr 19, 2014
I'm doing my best to struggle through the changes. However, you have taken away the "neighbor" feel of this site. Many members are quitting and others are grumbling. Definitely, not good customer service. Also, this site is for "home cooks". Why are we getting recipes from major companies now?
In the future, you may want input from all members before making changes. This is like the domino effect...changed one thing and it knocks down a whole bunch of other things.
In the meantime, I'll keep struggling to figure it all out. As a paying customer, we should not have to "struggle".
Linda Kauppinen - Apr 18, 2014
I think that a bug reared its ugly head and made itself known tonight as my notifications and messages are not updating by themselves as they come in. I have to refresh the page to get them.
Straws Kitchen - Apr 18, 2014
I also have been able to navigate better today...guess my brain getting a workout has helped ;O)
Linda Kauppinen - Apr 18, 2014
Thanks Ellen! I totally forgot about that one!
I also have to add that the changes being made and the bugs being worked out are making a huge difference. Thank you Kitchen Crew!
Ellen Bales - Apr 18, 2014
I for one think the changes are fine. I don't have a problem with any of them! There is, in fact, one more thing I'd like to see changed and that is when I upload a picture, often times it is cropped too much and the whole essence of the picture is lost. I would like to see this fixed. I don't pretend to understand the technicalities of the picture format, but someone who does should be able to fix it so that our WHOLE PICTURE shows up and isn't cropped out of existence. Other than that, I think JAP is doing a great job--I think at the moment I'm the only one who does--lol!
Linda Kauppinen - Apr 17, 2014
YAY!! Thank you so much Kitchen Crew!!! The group photos are a huge help!!
Straws Kitchen - Apr 17, 2014
Thank you Kitchen Crew for putting the Group's Main Photo's back on their notifications....makes it so much easier to find where you want to be and if you want to read it or not♥
Melanie B - Apr 17, 2014
I agree with everything above. I think my MAIN complaint is that ALL of our notifications are in one feed. PLEASE give up a separate tab for new recipe, cookbooks, new topics and comments. I most often don't have time to look at everything so I may save new recipes for a rainy day (for instance). I like to be able to delete things I have already looked at or don't care about. Maybe having a 'history' tab would work better for those who want to look at their old stuff? I actually think you can (or use to be able to) look at it through your utensil drawer.
Linda Kauppinen - Apr 17, 2014
I agree with Cin Straw on deleting the hundreds of notifications and the number of notifications unread remaining until you finish reading through them. I dont know how many times I have forgotten to go back to the unread ones. It gives me a headache.
Straws Kitchen - Apr 17, 2014
One more thing.....I wish we could "delete" some of the hundreds (pages) of 'Notifications" we have already looked at and read.

Or two...... Also, please keep the Notifications #'s up in red (above the globe) until we have read them all, (once you open it and read one, "or a really long one with lots of comments on it", then the #'s of how many you "have left" goes away and it is easy to forget you still have some pending).