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Warm Up to Winter with Chili

Kimmy's Zesty Chili

There's nothing better than a big bowl of chili on a cold day. Something magical happens in the kitchen when you combine meat, beans and spices. The aroma (and taste!) just screams winter to me. And with so many types of chili, there is a recipe for everyone.

Hot and delicious! That was my first reaction when I tried Mindy Sena's Min's Omg Chili!. "I always get rave reviews and requests for the recipe," says Mindy. One bowlful and you'll see why. This chili has lots of heat and tons of flavor. Serve it in a hearty bread bowl, with a big dollop of sour cream, and your taste buds will be oh so happy.

Warning! If you try Bob Cooney's Fireman Bob's Fire House Chili, you need to have taste buds of steel. This chili is not for the faint of heart! Make sure to use a large crock pot when cookin' this up ... it makes a lot of chili. And don't forget Bob's secret ingredient.

"Every cook has a special version of chili," says Kim Crain of her Kimmy's Zesty Chili. "[Mine is] meaty and nicely spiced with just the right amount of beans." I really liked the mix of meat in this recipe...beef and Italian sausage. The addition of lime juice and honey sweetens the flavor a bit making for a more mild chili which is great for people who don't like their chili too spicy.

Don't like your chili too spicy? Jane Manna's Crock Pot Southwest Beef Chili Stew has a subtle sweetness that is a welcome departure from traditional hot and spicy versions. "I love this recipe because it uses stew meat in place of the typical ground beef, making it a hearty and substantial meal," says Jane. If you like Southwest flavors (I'm a huge fan of them), then you'll love this chili.

It's great to adjust the type of meats you use in chili to kick-up the flavor combinations. And that's exactly what Kim Biegacki did in her White Chicken Chili recipe. "This is truly a comfort chili," says Kim. This recipe is really a time-saving meal to throw together if you're having last-minute company. It takes under an hour to make!

Whether you're making chili for yourself on a cool, rainy day or having people over to watch the big game, try one of these wonderful chili recipes. Comfort food heaven!

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Donna Graffagnino - Jan 26, 2014
Just go into your recipes and edit it to add pictures. If that recipe is already in your online cookbook then it will automatically update with pictures when you finish editing your recipe.
Eddie Jordan - Jan 26, 2014
How can I add pictures to one of my cookbooks? Eddie
Donna Graffagnino - Jan 21, 2014
Congrats to all of those recognized for their Chili recipes! Chili is kinda like Gumbo, everyone has a different recipe and they're all good. Fireman Bob said he's gonna try mine but I know he'll need to add a lot more heat... I think his taste buds are fried! LOL!