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Janet & Krissi in the Kitchen

In the last few weeks I have come to realize just how special time in the kitchen can be. My daughter-in-law, Krissi, has joined me in preparing some simply amazing dishes posted by Club members. And in working together we have found common ground we never knew we had. I like to think that I've been able to pass on a few bits of knowledge that I've collected over the years, and she has certainly inspired me with her energy and enthusiasm to learn. What a delight cooking with family can be!

I'm positive we are not the only ones lucky enough to be creating such fond kitchen memories... What are some of yours? I'd love to hear how you are making cooking meaningful.

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Morgan Hart - Dec 7, 2009
glad to be part of your family!
Carie Turner - Dec 4, 2009
Making Christmas cookies with both of my children are memories that I cherish. I have a Christmas cookie recipe that was my grandmother's that I used. (I'll post that!) My son was not very good cracking eggs, so we'd have to pick out the shell from the batter and clean up the egg white off the counter. We'd stir, we'd laugh and we'd nibble the dough. Each child got a beater from the mixer to eat off of. Then we would roll out the dough and get out the cookie cutters. After baking and cooling the cookies, we would frost them. Some looked like they were intended to look, but the ones I remember are the ones that didn't resemble anything Christmassy at all. I am fondly recalling the cookie that looked like Mr. T and definitely not Santa Claus. My children are grown now. I'm thinking that during their visit between Christmas and New Years, that we should break out my grandmother's recipe and the cookie cutters and make some new memories.
Donna Brown - Dec 4, 2009
I just joined today and I love it already. So many great recipes and new friends, too.
Maven Argyle - Dec 4, 2009
Goodness, I have so many fond kitchen memories with my mother! She always went beyond letting me lick the spoon and actually got me involved in making the recipe... usually cookies or cakes! I loved every minute of it.
Carol Warren - Dec 1, 2009
One of my earliest memories is making donuts with my mother on a winter's morning...They involved biscuit dough and a wonderful gooey icing that got all over us and everything in the kitchen! We've passed the tradition down to the grandchildren over the years.
A more recent favorite memory also involves my mother, along with my daughter, when we all cooked up a batch of jam together last Christmas, tripping all over each other as we criss-crossed the kitchen. I hope we repeat that this year!
Cherie Hammond - Dec 1, 2009
I certainly agree! Some of my most fond memories growing up were made when my 2 sisters, my mom and me spent lots of hours in the kitchen baking hundreds of Christmas cookies! My daughter and I carry on the tradition...especially with the "family" cut-out cookies recipe. When our daughter was in high school, we used to invite the entire girls basketball team over to bake and decorate cookies. What a mess...but what an incredibly fun (and yummy)time we all had! The girls were extremely creative in their decorating ideas!
M L - Dec 1, 2009
This brought back such great memories of my grandmother's kitchen! She was a cake decorator and had all sorts of fun gadgets for a kid could play with. I'll never forget the gingerbread house we made together... It was really more of a mansion than a plain old house!
Tonya Young - Dec 1, 2009
There is something about love between family members shared through the experience of making food together! My first memory of being in the kitchen with my mother is baking chocolate chip cookies with her. I was probably 4 or 5 years old. She would let me scrape the batter off the bowl and eat it, and it left me with a clear memory and warm feelings of that experience. That thread is something I pass along with my nieces now. It's been such a joy to teach them how to bake Chocolate Butterscotch Chip cookies from scratch! (my evolution of Mom's recipe) Now every time they come to our house, they start dancing all over the kitchen, asking to make them. They don't yet realize that we're making more than cookies. But I do. ;-)
Emily Magid - Dec 1, 2009
I am excited about joining this fun and food-filled gathering. Kudos on this wonderful idea!