Random acts of Kindness

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Random acts of Kindness is why we are here on this earth! This group is to share those wonderful stories of our selfless acts of kindness to others. A place we can encourage one another to continue to do our Lord's work here on this earth!
Share your own acts, someone's kindness that changed your life, something amazing you saw someone do for another!
Support one another here in hard time through our live when wer'e not quite sure what to do or how to handle any given situation that may arise.
Let us encourage one another to always do the right thing by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Candy Hummer
Jun 15, 2012

Foodbank 6/15/12

We had a wonderful time at foodbank tonight, fed 50+ families!
The volunteers fed a VERY desperate family with about 2 weeks worth of food both perishable and fresh foods! They all hugged us and cried with surprise and gratitude when we delivered it to them!
Praise the Lord for the miracles he works!

Zelda Hopkins
May 15, 2012

Act of Kindness

My neighbor knew that the kids broke all my kicthen chairs a year ago. Today he brought me a table and six chairs that was in good condition. PTL
God Bless him, he is a single father but he still finds time to help an old lady.

Sheila Hinds
May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I wish all you ladies, a Happy Mothers Day!

Janice Walsh
May 1, 2012

Personal Mission

I have always enjoyed collecting special recipes and enjoy cooking for our church fellowship meals.

My special talent is sewing. I have had to learn in order to have an income when I was a stay at home Mom. I have done alterations, tailoring, upholstery, weddings, and personal family sewing.

Now that I am a great grandmother I embroider and sew blankets for our Crisis Pregnancy Center. I don't know who receives the blankets or what their needs might be; I just do it as a way to share the talents that God has given me. Now it is my favorite pastime!

Do you have a mission? How about sharing with the group?

So glad to have found this website. Praying God blesses each one of you today and always.

Jan Walsh

Sheila Hinds
Apr 21, 2012

Devon's Going Home

Everyone, Devon is going home at last. The hospital he is at can no longer accommodate his type of injury. My sister is waiting on a bed in a rehab, hospital. So until this bed is available my sister will care for him with help
Thank you all!

Candy Hummer
Apr 19, 2012

Praise report!

Last night a friend let me know she'd just had surgery and her hub's hadn't been able to find work and they were pretty much without food.
So I made a few phone calls this mornin and managed to come up with at least a months worth of food for them through our volunteers at foodbank and the Lord!
YAY... thank you Jesus!

Sheila Hinds
Apr 8, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Easter. I had a wonderful day with family.
God bless

Sheila Hinds
Apr 3, 2012


Hope all is well with everyone? I feel I've been away in a long sleep. I'm not sure what was wrong with me some symptoms of a cold, but I was tied most of the time I'm on the mend now thank God. I have told you all about my nephew being in a coma, and how he is now awake,and how he was responding to questions asked him. Well while I was recuperating my sister had me watch a video made of my nephew in the hospital. We all have faith, but to watch the miracle of my nephew answering all the questions the doctor asked him correct made me cry. The lord is with my family and I am so thankful that I believe.
god bless