Vegetarian Cooks

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Group active since Sun, Dec 11, 2011

Sharing entrees and casserols that are vegetarian, either lacto-oval (uses dairy & eggs) or vegan.

Jackie Conklin
Aug 29, 2013

Make your own Veggie Burgers

Hi, my name is Jackie and I just joined your group. Also did a search for home made veggie burgers on JAP and did not have any luck. I did a goggle search and found some that look good. Do any of you make your own? You can find already made at the market but the sodium is way too high. I'm not vegan or vegetarian just want something good to eat that isn't loaded with salt and fat.

kathleen ralston
Dec 30, 2012

Making Changes

Hi. I'm trying to make the transition to a vegetarian lifestyle, or at least get as close to it as possible. I've looked at a lot of information, especially the McDougall diet, but I don't know if I can manage a diet so extremely low fat. I could use more information about recipes that are low fat, but contain some healthy fats, or recipes for substitutes.

donna morales
Dec 16, 2011


Hi saw that this group just started and would appreciate any suggestions on how to start this new way of eating. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be some good recipes to start or really good books that would help? thanks