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Tell us what cooking gadget, secret ingredient, appliance you love and can't imagine living without.

Amanda Alias
Jan 19, 2012

My lemon zester

It's so handy. It sure beats trying to use a tiny cheese grater.

Amanda Alias
Jan 16, 2012

95th Street Produce Market

If you live close you really must go to this store. We bought a whole cart full of food for 43 dollars. All of it fresh except for the gallon of vinegar and the package of vermicelli rice.

Kristi Luce
Jan 7, 2012

I LOVE my...

garlic press. I don't know how I managed without it. It cuts down on my prep time since I put garlic in just about everything I cook that isn't sweets.

Amanda Alias
Jan 5, 2012

My Wilton Pastry Scraper

It's a small rubber scraper that has a ruler on the edge. I use it to cut the dough for rolls and to help during the kneading process. It's super awesome. I have a large stainless steel one too for when I make pie crust.

Candi Hummer
Dec 30, 2011

Braun hand mixer

You know those little mini hand held blenders! I love mine and it is used sooooooooo often! Perfect for mixing hot cocoa, any gravies... I make all my own sauces and this lil thing just makes my life that much easier!
Anyone else have one of these lil life savers?!!

Amanda Alias
Dec 26, 2011

Iced Tea (or even hot tea)

We drink a gallon a day. Growing up it was always sweet tea, but as an adult I make it unsweetened unless I have company. It took awhile to acquire the taste for it without sugar, but now it's just as delicious and refreshing. Plus I put the tea bags on my eyes for a beauty regiment that probably doesn't work, but it's fun and relaxing :)

Amanda Alias
Dec 25, 2011

Ghirardelli Chocolate

It makes all the difference in the world for truffles and bonbons.

Gwyn Guinn
Dec 23, 2011


I love any kind of gadget. I may not know how to use it, but, I gotta have it, then....I never soil it most the time!!!

I have a question though:

Does anyone know how to make Honey Dripper's?