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Theresa Kailany
Jan 2, 2012

Hey People

There is a new Book Club group that has a lot more activity called Book Club-I think we should all meet there and I will cancel this group.

Annette W.
Dec 10, 2011

I joined just to be a brat..


Sorry couldn't resist when I was checking out the new group and saw the description. The two types of books I love to read. Smut and Twilight. Well okay, Twilight isn't a type and I'm done with it but come on, it was awesome! Anyway, wanted to make ya smile Theresa! Hope it did. Have a great weekend ladies.

Go Team Edward! Woo Hoo ;)

Kristi Luce
Dec 8, 2011

Hello Ladies!

I love to read and like you Theresa I don't like x-rated romance novels. I am at the library every week looking for a new book or two now that I am at home. Mystery is my main group, but I am open to suggestion:), I love the Maxie and Stretch series.

The last book I read with my book group was called "Southland", but I don't remember the author. It was a book on the history of Los Angeles during the riots.

Theresa Kailany
Dec 8, 2011

Reading Now-

Shelter Me-by Juliette Fay.

I am 1/3 thru this book and I really like it. It is about a wife and mother whose husband dies suddenly in a crash. It is about how she deals with her kids and relatives and friend trying to help her get thru it all.