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It's sometimes hard for us to find the encouragement to get on our Wii fit's, I know sharing our workouts with each other would provide us the encouragement and challenge to help us get on the Wii Fit or whatever your workout program is!
I also know that the Wii Fit is the easiest for me to get into as it is non-invasive, lets you go at your own pace and the yoga is about the only thing that keeps my injured neck and hips in line and keeps me out of the dr. and chiropractor's offices so often!
This group is also for "anything" Wii related, all Wii games, questions, challenges, friends, console mac # sharing, and all Wii fun!
So, let's all fire up our encouragement and our Wii's and get a move on together!

Ashley Burnam
Oct 16, 2012

Holding yourself accountable is HARD!

I'm bet many of you are like me and if you don't have someone calling you to meet up for a run, walk, or jog etc. you probably won't do it. I have been reading a lot about accountability and doing things as simple as telling someone else you'll be going to exercise gives you that kick int he butt the get out there.

In an effort to help myself an others be more active I made a group called Run.Cook.EAT and it's not only a place to say your exercise plan, but it's also a good place to share your healthy recipes and also find some new ones. I also am dating a crazy running man so if anyone has questions about being a better runner I can always get his input for you.

come check it out :)

Candi Hummer
Oct 14, 2012


I've been absent from this group and my Wii, I'm getting ready for surgery and as soon as it is over, I'll be back with a vengance
Lord Bless

Ka Garrett
Aug 4, 2012

I just found you!

Hi y'all,
I am so excited to to talk to others who use their Wii fit. People look at me when I tell them about it like I am crazy. I had been using my program until recently. I have been side-lined with reoccuring knee problems. But hope to get back to it in a month or two (according to my PT) But I would love to hear about how y'all are doin'

Candi Hummer
May 4, 2012

I dissapeared!

I've not been on my Wii fit in some time, I've been having major back and neck problems and just yesterday finally got to the dr to get them started straightening out!
I'll be back, the dr and chiropractor want me to start slow on the yoga and go slow starting monday!
I'm sorry for my disapearing act! But now Y'all know where I've been!
Have a super day!

Candi Hummer
Dec 14, 2011

Special prayer request for a JAP sister

Kimmi Gaines needs our prayer's.
If you didn't read her original prayer request she has cancer in her brain and needed our prayers as she was starting chemo the week after Thanksgiving. We have not heard from her since the week before her treatments were to begin.
We, as her sister's in Christ need to lift her up in prayer to Jesus, to make sure she is safe in His loving and healing hands.
Thank you everyone

Candi Hummer
Dec 12, 2011


Just finished an hour on the Wii Fit plus... UGH what ya feel when you miss a couple days LOL
I had alot of fun though and felt much more limber durring the excersizes then I was feeling!
Doing great Hope to see y'all on there soon :0)

Candi Hummer
Dec 9, 2011


I only spent 45 minutes on my Wii fit yesterday morning as I'm catching Mom's cold and flippin sore from excelling on it monday LOL
I did finish all my Yoga and played a few aerobics games on it.
As I dont follow the whole weight thing, I make sure I am excelling at it daily though, I was pleased that my Wii fit age was 20 heheheheee thats cool since I'm 40 LOL

Candi Hummer
Dec 7, 2011


LeeAnn, Teresa, Opal, Laura & Samantha... Hope you girls will add me to your Wii consoles so we can all play together like a bunch of juveniles!!
And Wii fit of course LOL