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This is a place to tell us about your new group. Also tell us about a group you've created that needs a little advertisement! Let us know what groups you've created. Come here to look at the new groups posted,they're coming in every minute you might have missed something you're interested in!
No recipes,just new groups please.

Linda Gable
Mar 27, 2013

Ice Cream Lovers Group

I started a group for all ice cream lovers. Ideas for recipes, stories, or ways to use homemade or store bought ice cream are welcome. Opinions on ice cream makers, waffle cone makers,etc. are also welcome. Hope everyone joins can never have too much ice cream! :-)

Pat Duran
Mar 24, 2013

new group cardamom

come join this new group with cc s called Cardamon Cardamon Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Candi Hummer
Aug 8, 2012

new group!
Just for the backyard farmers such as myself!

Jean Alphin
May 7, 2012

Like to introduce you to my groups

Hello! My name is Jean,I live in PA.

I'm a newbie to this Show & Tell group.

The reason,I joined this group is to tell you about the groups I created.

1." What Book Did You Read Last?"

All members are having a great time telling the group,what they are,or have read.

2."Home-Made Chocolates"

This group was created,so members could share their chocolate or candies recipes.

3."Baby Boomers"

This group was created of course for all the Baby Boomers. Their are a lot of members sharing their memories.


This group was created for all sisters,that has a story to share.

5. "Diabetic Goodies"

This group was created,for all members to share their diabetic recipes.

I hope you will all stop by these groups.
Give one or all a try,that interest you.
We will welcome you all!! Even if you just want to chat. We love to hear from you all.

"Thanks for letting me share".

Bob Wakeman
Apr 30, 2012

In the Garden---Out of the Garden.

If you like to grow your own food.Or would like to start. This is the group for you. We have a lot of fun learing from each other. We make great friends we even have a weekly recipe contest. Great for new and old. Come on over We can help you get started. Or just help with a problem. We love to learn and make new friends So give us a try.You will be glad you did.

Georgane Vann
Apr 18, 2012

Watching that Weight Cooks

I just joined Weight Watchers for the second time. It's a program that I believe in. I just needed to get back in the right frame of mind.

So if you have suggestions for meals, snacks and or desserts that are easy on the points.. please join


Bob Wakeman
Mar 1, 2012

Fishermans Paradice

I have a group called FISERMANS PARADICE. Weather you deep sea fish or fish ,ponds,rivers,streams,or were ever. What do you fish for. Bass,Bluegill,Marlin,Pan fish,or what ever bites, Lets talk abought it....What kinds of bait. What kind of tackle.. Come over and check us out. We tackle all types of things... How to catch fish,how to clean them,And how to fix them to eat... Come over sit a spell, say hello. Tell us what you think. We would love to have you,Young or over the hill. Male or Femail. come check us out...

Gail Womack
Feb 26, 2012

Hello everyone,

I just started a new group called House Plant Lovers.The reason i started this group is because i am hoping someone joins that knows alot about plants and maybe give me some hints that help them do better!HELP!!!!My plants look awful!!!