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This group is for anyone that loves to play. Do you like to play with recipies or make up your own? Or do you try to improve others to your likeing and tastes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this group is for you. Feel free to check out any of my recipes and do the same. Let me know what ya come up with.

Welcome......have fun and play hard.

Dawn Emel
Dec 29, 2012

Its the New Year!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well time fly's way to fast. Came up with lost of recipes this year. I haven't had time to get many of them posted. Starting a new job in the new year so I'm hoping to have a little more time hear and there to get these wonderful new ideas on line for you all.

I hope that 2012 has been good to all of you and I am wishing for each one of you that 2013 brings good times, good heath and blessing your you and your families. OH and dont forget GOOD EATS!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!

Dawn Emel
Mar 16, 2012

Amazing Stuffed Sweet Vine Peppers

Ok, so I've been at it again. A friend of mine brought these cream cheese filled peppers wrapped in bacon to work for a potluck. Of course I had to twist the recipe to my liking by adding and changing some ingredients. Check it out. Let me know what ya think or what ya add. Have a great weekend!!

Dawn Emel
Jan 6, 2012

Mango-Pinapple Chicken w/Rice

Here ya go. Check it out. Let me know what you think!!! Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. Hope it continues all year.

Bob Wakeman
Dec 21, 2011

The pick

Just love your picthure for the group

Dawn Emel
Dec 20, 2011

Holiday Tridition Twists

Christmas is fast approaching. Im excited to see if anyone puts any twists on the ole triditional dishes that we see. Keep me posted.

Dawn Emel
Dec 20, 2011

Mango-Pinapple Chicken w/Rice

Ok, so I have been at it again. After 7 days of the worst stomach flu, I was in the mood for something yummy and filling. I love sweet & sr chicken and my daughter loves orange chicken. Im not a fan of orange chicken. I decided to come up with my own version. So I did. OMG!! It turned out so so so good. However, as I stated, off the top of my head means i fail to ever use exact amounts or any type of messuring utensil"s. I will work on getting the amounts posted soon. Can't wait for everyone to try this one.

Brenda Reynolds
Dec 10, 2011

Cake Pop Maker Recipes

Oh Boy, here we go. Trying to whip up my first recipe with the cake pop machine.
I think I am going to call it Chocolate Covered Cherry Chip Surprise Delights.

I have a department goodie week coming up on the week of the 19th December 2011. My parents bought me a cake pop machine maker for Christmas. I am going to whip up a Cherry Chip Cake mix with a half marachino cherry and cream cheese center. Once they cool i will dip in some hershey dark chocolate and attempt to drizzle some white almond bark on top.

If the turn out I will post the recipe. Any thoughts or ideas welcome here in this experiment.

Dawn Emel
Dec 10, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Good Saturday to everyone. I spent the evening baking cookies for the office today. Delicious Rum Sugar Cookies! I will be posting the recipe soon. I love my business with Primerica!!!! Feels so good to help ppl to grow and secure their financial futures. Especially in this economy. There is help out there for anyone sturggling financially right now. People just need to remember to seek help if they need it or ask me, I can help.

I hope that everyone is have a Super Fantastic beginning to their weekends. Merry Christmas to all!!!

If your baking this weekend Happy Baking as well.