Parrot People

Parrot People

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A group for people who own parrots (or any other bird!) as well as people who simply love the feathered variety of pet. Exchange recipes you cook for your fids and recipes you make for yourself specifically so you can share! Brag about his or her latest accomplishments and vent when they wont shut up. Relax, you're among friends who really understand the pleasures of molting and the necessity of egg food. :) Welcome!

Denise soles
Sep 3, 2012


Hi everyone, so glad to find this group, and hoping people post in it still. I am Denise and I have an Amazon Parrot named Joker, and believe me, his name fits him. I have had him for 14 yrs, and I am who he has bonded with. He calls me ''ma'' and that is all you hear when I get home from work and walk up my sidewalk. lol. He talks like a human and has a large vocabulary. He has been a job to me for years.

Kimberly Richards
Jun 29, 2012

Great site for Cockatiels & Other feathered friends

Hi everyone!

I found a great site on line called
Cockateil , the information is fantastic! I am already making some of the treats in the recipe section for Sam when he comes home...two more weeks!


Kelcie Merritt
Mar 6, 2012


Just wondering if any of you use Apple Cider Vinegar for your birds. I was reading a discussion about it on a bird forum and thought about us here. Do you use it? Either in the birds water or to clean?

Kelcie Merritt
Feb 21, 2012


Funny, I asked in my intro if anyone else had parrots - guess noone from here noticed LOL. I am owned by three very spoiled birds, a Tiel-of undeterimined age- Mariah: a Sun Counure-almost 10, Skittles:and a TAG -about 7- Peanut. They are free flying and are trained to go back to thier cages on command. Except the Tiel, who is not able to be handled much so spends a lot of time in his cage. But, he is a happy bird who does lots of whistling and the cute little Tiel chirps. By the way, I L O V E Tiel dust - I know, how wierd!! Thanks for listening.

deb mill
Feb 12, 2012


We have a Jardine's parrot and a Miniature Yellow Collard profile picture..

Wanted to share, our Jardine (Rocky) once was using a bell that broke off of his toy as a dish, he would scoop up some seed and eat out of was so funny!

Our Enouch, loves to unscrew his toys so that fall off his cage..

Looking for to being on the group.

I just looked up and saw a Lemon lemon desserts..will be checking that one out.

Vicki H
Jan 31, 2012

A Moment of Silence...

So... Truth be told, I have over 30 birds right now. (Probably closer to 40, but I'm going to be selling a few before too long.) I breed budgies, so that's what the vast majority of the birds are. I also have six finches that I breed, and my pets include a Green Cheek Conure, a Bronze Wing Pionus, and a Blue Front Amazon. After I finished feeding everyone this evening, I had a miracle happen in the bird room! I heard *nothing*!! Every one of the birds were quiet at the SAME TIME! If any of you have more than three or four birds, you know how hard it is to get them quiet at the same time. Well, it accidentally happened to me today.

I highly suggest you pay attention when you're with your fids.... you just might be surprised!

Vicki H
Dec 22, 2011

Holidays for the birds

Is anyone doing anything special for their fids for the holidays? Cooking them a favorite meal? Buying them special toys? Do you treat them like a child?

What about those of you who are traveling? What do you do with your feathered babies when you leave town? Do they go where you go or do they stay home with a sitter? Do you feel like your sitter is experienced with birds?

Come on, dish!

Jayme Makowski
Dec 11, 2011

African Grey Stew Anyone?

My African Grey is driving me nuts tonight...rattling her water bowl and then rattling the door on her cage when I take the water bowl out. I am sure she is just doing it for attention...but not like she doesn't get any.