Giftable Goodies for Shipping

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Cakes, cookies and treats, sweet and savory to ship to loved ones far and dear. All items need to keep for at least a week without refrigeration. Bonus points for lightweight goodies to save on shipping.

Jean Alphin
Jun 30, 2012

Where is everybody?

Do any of you members know how to ship ,Chocolate,cookies,vegetables,or any food items?

K Woolsey
Dec 2, 2011

Baking in printed canisters?

I was getting ready to start my Christmas baking when I wondered if I lined the canister with foil would it be OK to bake in them? You know the canisters, or tins, I mean, the ones printed with Christmas pictures on them. It would be great if I could bake and pack in the same container.

K Woolsey
Nov 28, 2011

Far flung family needs home baked goodies.

Looking for home baked gourmet goodies to ship to loved ones far and dear. In the past I've shipped home made jams and jellies but can't afford the postage to ship heavy jars. I'd like to bake some cakes with liquers but can't locate the recipes I had been saving for years. Items need to keep without refrigeration for at least a week.