Straw Bale and Container Gardeners

Hosted by Joy Durham
Group active since Mon, Nov 28, 2011

We are planning a straw bale kitchen garden using heirloom seeds. We have limited space and a lot of shade, so this format will create raised beds in places where things will grow. (see YouTube, Straw Bale Gardens).

I hope to find friends who grow heirloom vegetables and herbs, with recommendations and recipes for making good use of what can be grown in a small space.

Kathleen Hagood
Jun 15, 2014

Hi! Doing Heirloom plants this year!

Hi! I just joined. We tried gardening for years, but this year, we are doing it right. We built some raised beds, bought heirloom plants, and are gardening, organically. We also have limited space, but we began a small compost heap, and it is really helping to build our soil, which is the reason we have failed so many times. This year the garden looks good, and our tomatoes taste like real tomatoes. My favorite is the Cherokee Purple Tomato. It's the best tomato I have ever eaten!

Janice Bartholome
Nov 29, 2011

Looking for Info

I'm not a gardener, but my husband is. Our space is very limited because we live in a mobile home, and he has been talking about doing raised beds as it's getting harder to bend over now that his 70th birthday is fast approaching. I'm looking for information to help him.

Of course, I'm also a beneficiary because I get to help eat all those fresh veggies he grows, and I'm planning to ask him to plant an herb garden for some new recipes I'm trying.

I look forward to seeing what comes to light in this group!

kellie moklebust
Nov 28, 2011

straw bales

I have heard of this and seen pics..I think it would be fun to try, I have a garden every year, but this year it was soooo hot here in tx, that everyone's garden kinda took a different turn especially on the tomatoes, but when it finally cooled down, we had bunches and with the freeze coming, we used the green ones for chow chow...but I grow my herbs in containers and my lettuce as well!