Glass Collectors

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Do you collect glassware or similar items? Then let's talk about it.

Roxanne Haynie
Sep 24, 2012

Love Glass

My favorite thing is to watch Glass Blowers. It amazes me how artistic it is and how amazing the products turn out. I love how the different colors are incorporated into the piece.

Janice Ross
Aug 20, 2012


Anything glass I absolutely love! I've always had a weakness for pretty bowls. I like the pressed glass vintage bowls. I love the Depression glass and the many colored glass. Some of my collecting has gotten out of hand, however, I do have an Antique booth in Daphne AL where after I love some of my things a little while I may take it there to share with another glass lover. At times I have a very hard time sharing though and continue to love a piece that I've gotten at any estate sale or auction.

Marlene B
Mar 28, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm new to Just a Pinch and so far am really enjoying it. Was really excited to find this group.

I am recently retired and loving it. For years I have on the side been an antique and vintage dealer specializing mostly in glass and dishes.

I am not trying to sell my goods to you (please believe that) but I do have a killer library of reference books and would love to join in on any discussions.

I started all this when I inherited some old dishes from my grandmother and bought a book to identify them. It just mushroomed from there. I quickly though fell in love with glass. I especially love the feel of a quality piece of glass.

Anyway am happy to be here.

Laura Grant
Jan 6, 2012

In love with Cobalt glass!

Many years ago (hmmm, way too many!) I fell in love with a cobalt bottle at a flea market & my interest soared. Now I have hand painted barber's bottles & medicine bottles, my interest doesn't stop with just one thing.

My late mother-in law left me a wonderful book on American glassware & I guess I'm sort of a cobalt glass nut.

Theresa Kailany
Dec 23, 2011

Amber Glass is My Favorite

I am not having any people coming this Christmas eve. It kinda sucks being in a town where you don't know anybody well enough to have over for Christmas. Anyway I think I will use my fancy glass for just my hubby and I. Do it up real pretty.

Theresa Kailany
Nov 22, 2011

Depression Era Glassware

My love of glass started when my mother gave me some beautiful candlesticks that I had always admired on her mantel. She had gotten them from the S&H Green Stamps store back in the 70's. After she passed away in '03 I researched the candlesticks and found out they were a Fostoria etched pattern and have collectors value. I have been collecting more glass since then-I just love pretty glass!