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Share all your Christmas stuff form the outside to the kitchen

Sandy Griffith
Aug 5, 2012

Welcome all New Members

Hi this is my son's group....he said to tell everyone hi and also to welcome the new members.....

Lee is going to have knee surgery this Friday and it is going to be a long process of healing and feeling more like he is in the process of planning his wedding....Him and Jessica will be married on the 15th of September...

He just wanted me to let you all know and he will get back to you as soon as he can.....

But please feel free to carry on any tips or ideas with the group....that is how we learn from one another....

Again welcome

Lee's mom, Sandy

Stacie Meyer
Aug 5, 2012

New to the group

Hello, I live in Christmas wonderland, Loveland, CO. I am looking forward to learning new ideas from the group.

Sandy Griffith
Jun 24, 2012

On Behalf of Lee

Thanks everyone who is still supporting this group....

Lee is doing okay...will be facing surgery on his other knee soon. Please keep him in your prayers.

Welcome all new members....enjoy your stay!

Lee's Mom

Lynda Wilczak
Jun 24, 2012

Get Well Soon Lee!

I hope your felling better soon!

Sandy Griffith
Dec 2, 2011

On behalf of my son

If you have not heard from Lee as he started this group please bare with him....yesterday he ended up in the ER and is on bed rest till Saturday....

I was just with him during the Thanksgiving Holidays and I know he is enjoying reading each of your post...he may not respond as soon as you like him to but he will...he is so busy at this time of the year with working at BEST BUY so you can imagine....

Lee had his home and outside decorated so pretty....he spends a lot of time decorating as he likes to decorate for all the holidays...

Businesses and neighbors are always using him too.....he is so gifted at it.

Just keep him in your prayers....maybe soon he will get on and say hi and see the recent post...just don't give up on him...Thank you!

Lee's mother....Smiles, Sandy

Candi Hummer
Dec 2, 2011

Santa Heartbreak!

Last night as I was cooking dinner, our little man (10) came in and was talkin to me!
He'd gotten into some trouble at school yesterday so, of course, he was in trouble at home now too! So I used Santa as bribary!
I said, " your brave to get in trouble right before Santa is coming, you know he doesn't bring toy's to kids on the naughty list"
He says to me, " Mom Santa isn't real" OMGEEEEEEE
I asked who the heck told him that ( I was ready to beat an older brother or sister for that LOL)
He says to me "Mom, I figured it out on my own, I'm smart enough to know reindeer dont really fly, and NO ONE could cram themselves down our chimney"!!!
Our last lil one, figured it out........UGH... Hub's say's cool, no more added expence for "santa" gifts! I say NO NO NO... I do a "family basket" every year from Santa with stuff for the whole family to do together! And I am still doing that, PERIOD!!!

Lisa Duggans
Nov 24, 2011


We put our Christmas tree up right after our Thanksgiving dinner.It is beautiful!!! :)

Lee Masters
Nov 23, 2011

How do you make you Turkey?

you only need two things...

The Turkey & Apple Juice